Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Peace Of Mind For Parents With Unifood Direct

When September rolls around, my eldest child will head off to school full time - for 5 days a week, 6 hours a day he will be away from me and to be totally honest, that thought really makes me nervous.

I know he'll enjoy learning and making friends, but as his mum I can't help but worry about the little things - what if he falls over and hurts himself? What if kids are mean to him? And one of my biggest concerns - what if he doesn't eat his lunch and he's hungry for the rest of the day?!

These worries are bad enough with a 4 year old child heading off to school where they'll at least be returning home at the end of the day, but can you imagine how overwhelming and worrying it must be when your child leaves home to head off to university in a different part of the country? When you won't see them for maybe months at a time?

It made perfect sense to me when I read that the main concern parents had when their children went away to uni was that they wouldn't eat properly.

Starting university life can be overwhelming for young people, there's a lot to think about and for many it can be the first time they've lived away from home and been truly responsible for themselves - so it's natural as a parent to worry about how they'll manage the demands of student living and surviving on a budget whilst still looking after themselves properly.

When I heard about Unifood Direct's subscription gift-box grocery service I thought it was a fantastic idea.

For just £28.50 per box, you can ensure that your child receives a box of surprise goodies twice per month - the boxes even include recipe suggestions to ensure that the most can be made out of each box and it means that as a parent you have the comfort of knowing that your child has food in the house!

You can give feedback on the products included to let Unifood Direct know your preferences too, and you can cancel at any time.

I know that if my child was heading off to university, I would certainly be making use of this service for peace of mind!

If you're interested in trying out this service, then be sure to sign up using the code unifood20 by 31st September and you'll be entered into " Unifood Direct prize draw to win £250 or a Charlotte Tilbury make up set or Amarni Men Gift Set.

To find out more, just click below!

Unifood Direct budget student living gift-box

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