Monday, 21 August 2017

Siblings In August

We're halfway through August and as each day passes, I can't help but feel a little sad...I'm usually the kind of person who looks forward to exciting events like holidays, birthdays and so on a lot but this month something is different.

Although it's almost my birthday, almost time for Jon & I to go on our first proper mini break without the children, and almost time for the Mediterranean cruise holiday we've all been looking forward to so much - I still can't help but wish that time would stand still for a while.

And I know it's because this is our last month of life as we know it - because come September, our first born will head off to big school for the first time - and we'll no longer have the freedom to take off on spontaneous last minute holidays like we do now, we won't be able to head home to visit Liverpool whenever we feel like it, and we won't have the luxury of deciding at bedtime to take a trip out to the local fairground - and although in some ways I do think the routine that school life brings will probably benefit us, I still feel a pang of sadness at the thought of saying farewell to our carefree lifestyle.  And at the thought of my biggest boy suddenly spending most of his waking hours away from us.

I'll be interested to see how Tyne's school experiences will impact on the boys relationships but for now, I have to say - the relationships they have are the best they have ever been....they have become a little team!

Of course there are still squabbles, but most of the time Tyne & Noah are getting along great - they love playing games together, dress up being their most favourite - and they love cuddling up to watch the tablet together when they're worn out from playing too.

Both of them love to watch YouTube Kids and Ryan's Toy Reviews channel is a particular favourite of both of theirs that they love to watch together - the channel has also introduced them to the game The Floor Is Lava which they LOVE to play!

As for Sailor, Tyne is still besotted with his baby brother - I don't know what it is about Sailor but he somehow has Tyne wrapped around his finger completely, he lets him get away with things that he'd never allow Noah too and he still gets upset when its time for Sailor to go to bed.

Sailor is still very nonchalant about the whole thing, and is probably the most independent spirit of all of the boys - he loves to play with me or Daddy but in all honesty he doesn't really have that much interest in playing with his brothers most of the time, although if they are playing chase he does like to get involved! He does love it when Noah pulls faces at him in the car though, the pair of them giggle away together throughout car journeys!

As for Noah - he is still in awe of everything that Tyne says and does, and loves to emulate him in any way he can. He also still dotes on his little brother, and loves to shower him with cuddles and kisses at every opportunity. But he also knows that Sailor is the one he has the upper hand with and makes that known by pinching his food whenever he can!

It's been a lovely summer with my three little boys so far, and I've really enjoyed spending lots of lovely days out and time away with them - I hope that September isn't too much of a shock to the system for us all, and that the boys don't miss each other too much when school starts.

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