Tuesday, 12 September 2017

3 Bedrooms, 3 Children - Solving The Dilemma!

Do you ever feel that perhaps you've outgrown your current home but yet you just don't have the means to move on right now? I do!

Our current home is a rented 3 bedroom house by the sea that we moved into back in late 2014.

At the time, we had one little boy in our arms and one in my tummy.

We knew that we might consider having more in the future, but we thought it would be at least 3 or 4 years off...the house had tons of storage space which is what we really needed, and so we went for it.

Tyne had his own bedroom, there was a separate bedroom for the new baby...it was perfect!

But then...less than 3 months after the new baby arrived, I was suddenly and surprisingly pregnant again. All of a sudden our little house was going to be home to THREE children...where on earth where we going to put them all?!

Well up until now, it's worked but it has required a lot of juggling - and I don't think the juggle is over yet. Right now, the baby of the bunch Sailor (18 months) has his own bedroom and sleeps the best of all the children.

Tyne and Noah share a room, but now that Tyne needs to be up for school in the mornings its becoming an issue that Noah is such a bad sleeper as he's keeping him awake...so somebody needs to move bedrooms.

Tyne's bedroom already has a cabin bed which he adores, so moving him isn't really going to be an option - the bedroom is already decorated to his taste too with a reading corner that he loves and his favourite colours on the walls.

So it looks like it's a case of putting the two little ones into a room together.

But how to fit two boys into the tiny box room is going to be the biggest problem!

It's currenly decorated in a beige and tan theme with one striped feature wall, a large cot and a chest of drawers and toy chest...so how are we going to fit another little boy in there?

In a few months time Sailor will be coming out of his cot and so I think bunk beds are going to be the ideal solution, and thanks to the inbuilt wardrobe we don't need to worry too much about storage space for clothes and toys - making the small space seem larger is going to be the tricky part but with the use of some night light colours, and some fresh and funky modern pieces such as the super stylish kids armchair range from LOVEThESIGN I think we'll be just fine!

Whether or not having the youngest two boys in the family in the same bedroom and whether Noah's bad sleeping habits will rub off on Sailor rather than the other way around, remains to be seen! Wish us luck!

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