Friday, 15 September 2017

Siblings In September

So here we are in Autumn! Does anyone know where the summer went?! I swear the months pass by faster and faster with each passing one!

This month my biggest boy Tyne has started school, and I've been curious to see how this change would affect the boys far Tyne is still only doing half days as his school do phased starts for reception children, so he's only away from 9 am until noon at the moment - it will increase from 9 am to 1.30 from today, and in a weeks time he'll be doing full time hours.

Noah will also be starting nursery for 2 days a week next month, and Sailor will spend those two days with a childminder ... so in a way this is the last month that they'll be spending quite so much time together for a while. That makes me a little sad as I'm sure they'll miss each other and I hope their relationships don't change too much because of it.

As they are at the moment, the boys tend not to spend too much time as a threesome but rather two of them tend be together at once while another is on his own...I'm not too sure why that is, but it seems to be the pattern they always follow.

Tyne makes no secrets about who his preferred brother is right now...he openly declares that he "Loves Sailor best!" which is something we're obviously trying to dissuade him from saying as Noah understandably gets upset when he hears it...I don't know why Tyne seems to struggle a little with Noah, whether its just because they are closer in age so like the same sorts of toys and tend to fight over who gets to play with them...(incidentally this is the reason Tyne gives, he doesn't like Noah because he takes his toys!) or whether its that Noah is at an age at the moment where he gets a lot of attention for his singing, dancing and general funniness and so Tyne gets a little jealous. Whatever the reason I do hope it passes soon as it's not too nice to witness...but deep down its obvious Tyne loves his brother, as he always get worried whenever Noah tries to run off in the park or whenever he thinks something bad might happen to him. The overprotective big brother in him always kicks in!
 He also finds Noah hilarious...he'll never admit to it but he is always in stitches as Noah's antics!

Sailor though is the one that gets the most of Tyne's attention - he loves to cuddle and kiss him (even when Sailor isn't quite in the mood for hugs and kisses!) and requests that we bring Sailor to meet him from school every day. He loves to show him off to the teachers, telling everyone who'll listen "This is my baby brother!" - he constantly tells Sailor how cute he is and how much he loves him!

As for Noah and Sailor, they are still super close and can be found playing together most of the time...Noah is still very protective of Sailor and likes to help him eat his dinner whenever he can, and as soon as Sailor whimpers Noah runs straight over to cuddle him and tell him "Its Ok Saily, don't cry". Sailor has a lot of time for Noah too, and loves to play with him.

In a few weeks time Noah and Tyne are heading off on holiday with us while Sailor spends some time with his grandparents, so I'm really intrigued to see how they get on then.

So thats how my boys are getting along in September, fingers crossed that things aren't too different in October!

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