Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Toddler Tried & Tested: Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer Review

A few weeks back, we were sent the Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer to test out with the kids.

Ever since our visit to Disneyland Paris the boys have been absolutely besotted with anything Disney related and of course Mickey Mouse is their favourite! Even Sailor, who has yet to visit Disneyland, is a huge fan!
So I knew they would absolutely love this remote control racing car, and I wasn't wrong. As soon as it arrived the boys were rowing about who got to have the first go! 

The car is a pretty decent size ( 40L x 24W x 23H cm) and very chunky, it feels really sturdy and as though its built to withstand some rough childs play which is always good with 3 heavy handed boys around! The Mickey figure is of course dressed in race car driver gear which the boys loved, too...these little bits of attention to detail make a lot of difference.

The remote control is the perfect size for little hands and again is quite chunky and sturdy, so it should be able to withstand a few little drops from clumsy toddlers too.

It is super easy to control, and works really well - it even drove at quite a speed on our carpet! The kids were all absolutely delighted with is and had tons of fun racing it to the end of the living room and back, seeing who could do the lap in the fastest time. I find it great for encouraging them to count as they see how long Mickeys lap takes, and also great for their hand eye coordination too.

The Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer has provided hours of fun for the boys, and would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any little Mickey Mouse fan.

Available in all good stores, RRP £49.99

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