Thursday, 26 October 2017

Are Public Baby Changing Facilities Good Enough?

As a blogger I'm often asked to take part in all sorts of different campaigns and many of them can seem somewhat bizarre and completely unrelated to the theme of my blog...but every now and then I'm asked to do something that seems a perfect fit, and this is one of those occasions.

As a parent, one of the biggest eye openers for me has been the lack of decent facilities for children when out and about in public...before I had children of my own I had assumed that every public place would have baby changing facilities and that these would be strictly regulated to ensure that they are both safe and hygienic, after all surely no company wants to be responsible for an accident involving a small child right?

Unfortunately, since having my children, I have found that providing safe and clean facilities just doesn't seem to be very high on the list of priorities for many companies.

Now I should also state here that I have some issues with OCD that make using public toilets and facilities a struggle for me sometimes, so often when we're out as a family Jon will be the one to go and change the boys nappies...and this in itself has proven to be an issue on more than one occasion, as quite a few places seem to assume that it will always be a woman changing their child...we've encountered a fair few places over the years where no facilities at all are provided for men to change their children which just isn't good enough, is it?

Direct365 - A business that supplies baby changing facilities to leisure outlets throughout the UK -  has launched a series of humorous videos as part of a campaign to improve changing spaces.
Working with parenting bloggers across the UK, a panel of ten mums and dads will also be tasked with secretly filming and reviewing changing amenities at their local facilities.

Direct365 provides a range of affordable baby changing products including changing tables, safety seats and nappy bins, approved to British standards.

Safety, hygiene and comfort are at the forefront of its innovations, including products with anti-bacterial finishes, no sharp edges and advanced wall mountings.

Direct 365 said: “There is such an advanced range of products available now to places, such as shopping centres and restaurants, everywhere should be able to provide a high standard changing facility, but as many parents are aware, this isn’t always the case.

“That’s why we’re teaming up with parents across the country to do some real-life research into facilities with the aim of encouraging places to check, and if necessary revamp, the amenities they have.”

Check out the new Direct365 videos or see my favourite below

In partnership with Direct 365 I have put together a video showing some examples of good and not so good changing facilities in our area, you can take a look below:

I'd love to hear what your own best and worst experiences have been with public changing facilities, so please leave a comment below.

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