Saturday, 14 October 2017

Touring The Med With The Graco Featherweight

If you follow me on social media then you'll know that myself, Jon and our oldest two boys have just returned from a 2 week cruise holiday around the med.

And if you've ever cruised before, you'll know that while a cruise holiday offers everything you could possibly want or need in a family holiday - the one area that can be slightly difficult is the cabin size! Cruise cabins are notoriously tiny, and on our last cruise we hadn't taken into account what a struggle it would be to fit our pram inside!

When we arrived and realised that our pram simply didn't fit through the door and our only option was to remove the wheels every time we wanted to take it inside, and put them back on in the tiny corridor outside when we wanted to use it....we knew we were in for a bit of a headache!

So this time around, we were keen not to repeat the problem and thankfully the wonderfully creative people at Graco came to our rescue!

As part of our Graco ambassadorship we were sent their new Featherweight stroller, an ultra-light stroller that weighs around the same as a newborn baby and is the lightest stroller in the UK! It is also VERY travel friendly...could this be the answer to our cruise cabin problems?!


The Featherweight not only fit easily through the cabin door ways, but it folds down and stands up on its own making it incredibly easy to store away in the cabin wardrobe when we didn't need it...ideal!

Now you may think that such a light weight stroller wouldn't last long or wouldn't offer the comfort a little one needs...well let me show you just how much we put the Featherweight through its paces on our holiday.

Not only was the stroller used every single day for 14 days by our 2 year old, but it also lugged around our 4 year old whenever he was feeling lazy too (which was quite often!).

It helped us around 8 different cities over the course of our 2 week trip....

And it provided the perfect napping station for two tired out little boys too!

A feature I really love about the Featherweight is the carry strap that enables you to carry it around over your shoulder when you're not using it...this made life SO much easier when we were boarding the ship with bags in hand and little ones to hold on to! And it weighs practically nothing too so its a breeze to carry! The one hand fold feature really adds to the ease of use too, and the basket is just the right size to carry coats, shopping bags etc!

Other key features: 
– suitable from birth up to 15kg
– Locking front swivel wheels enable easy manoeuvrability
– Seat pad is zip removable and machine washable
– Footmuff and rain cover sold separately
– Pushchair dimensions: L 59cm x W 43cm x H 97cm
The Featherweight is available in two colours, Chilli Red and Black Grey and retails at £150.

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