Thursday, 30 November 2017

Me & Mine In November

So this months Me & Mine photos were taken in my favourite place of all, Disneyland Paris!You'd think that with such a lovely backdrop we'd be able to pull some really nice photos of the bag wouldn't you?

But no...thanks to the after-effects of Shingles I still can't open my eyes properly in daylight and the kids have those same old permanently confused/grumpy expressions on their faces that they always favour. If it had been just us I might have kept trying until we got better photos but we had a Disney employee taking them for us and I didn't feel like it was appropriate to yell at him that they're all crap and to take more like I would if it was alas, these are the photos we have!

Don't let the photos fool you though, we had a fantastic trip to Disneyland Paris and it was without doubt the big highlight of November for all of us...because the rest of November was a bit of a shitter if I'm honest!

We've all had stinking colds and coughs that absolutely refuse to bugger off, and there's been a vomiting bug passed back and forth between the boys too which is always soooooo much fun isn't it?! Even more so when you don't have a working washing machine and they keep waiting until night time to throw up! Yay for handwashing sicky sheets every night!

I'm REALLY hoping that we've finally seen the back of annoying colds and bugs, and that December will be full of festive fun and frolics...I'm usually SO geared up for Christmas that Jon is having to physically restrain me from putting the tree up too early and binge watching all of the Christmas movies by now but for some reason I'm not feeling it this year.

But I live in hope that it's because know...still November! Christmas seems to get earlier each year and I'm somewhat of a traditionalist in a lot of ways, so maybe I'm just waiting for actual December to arrive before my I get my festive head on. I really hope so coz I've never been a Scrooge before  and I don't like that colour on me!

This month, Mummy Is Loving:

*Looking through our Disneyland Paris photos and watching our videos - such amazing memories!
*Planning next years visit along with some other holiday ideas for 2018
*Buying the last few Christmas presents and starting to think about ideas for our Christmas Eve Eve Party
*Organising some fun festive days out and surprises for the kids!

Daddy Is Loving:

*Getting back into working life after a long break as a stay at home conversation is under rated!
*Trying out lots of new Autumn meals thanks to Mummys new found love of slow cooker dinners!
*Planning out some Christmas treats and surprises

Tyne Is Loving:

*Being able to read his school books on his own...he's so proud of himself!
*Being able to write his own name in Christmas cards this year
*Getting excited about Christmas and writing his list to Santa

Noah Is Loving:

*Christmas Trees!! They are his favourite thing apparently!
*Still loving Strictly Come Dancing, he asks for it on every day!
*Watching the videos of him meeting Queen Elsa at Disneyland Paris
*Talking about what Santa might bring him for Christmas

Sailor Is Loving:

*Dancing at every given opportunity!
*Drawing and painting....he can keep himself occupied for ages with an art activity!
*Having sword fights with Tyne

I hope you've had a great November and that you're all looking forward to Christmas....bring on the festive season!!!

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