Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist 2017

I think I've published a Christmas wishlist every year since I started this blog as I like to read these sorts of posts myselves...not because I'm too bothered about what some random blogger I don't know and won't be buying a gift for wants for Christmas, but because they often give me gift ideas for people in my own life...something I'm quite often short of after 30-something years of buying for the same people!

I wasn't going to bother writing one this year as I'm winding my blog down a bit in December (the views always go quiet at this time of year and there's so much else to do, it just made sense!) but I soon received a phonecall from my panicked mother telling me she was waiting on my wishlist for shopping inspiration!...So never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, here are the items on top of my wish list this year!

They're a mix of practical and useful items that will make my day to day life easier, and smaller objects of desire that are quite simply pretty and quirky...which always delights me!

Christmas Wishlist

1) Mermaid Make Up Brushes...ROSE GOLD ones for that matter! I have the Unicorn horn brushes and I just love then, so the Mermaid ones would be a lovely little addition to my dressing table too! Available HERE

2) Mermaid necklace - This one is from Sassy Bird Shop and I just love its Little Mermaid quote and the Dinglehopper on the chain, so cute and perfect for my Disneyland trips!

3) More on the Disney theme - this All It Takes Is Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust mug is soooo cute and it just so happens to be my favourite Disney quote too!

4) I'm a big Prosecco fan...especially over the festive season, and so I LOVE the idea of this Prosecco hamper from Lakeland which contains things like things to bling up your fizz as well as treats like Prosecco Gummies! Failing that, the pot of Rose Gold Prosecco Shimmer would be a lovely little stocking filler too! I LOVE Lakeland for cute and kitsch things like this!

5) These might seem like a random addition to my wishlist, but I've been getting more into making family meals lately and I love making pies but I don't have any proper pie dishes. I'd really love a proper pretty pie dish for Christmas, and both of these are perfect! Available HERE and HERE

6) Although I don't get chance to read as much as I'd like, it's not Christmas without a new book. I read the Helen Forrester autobiographical series as a child after borrowing them from my nan and I'd love to re-read them as an adult. I'd also really love to read the story of her life written by her son in Passage Across The Mersey by Robert Bhatia.


7. I've absolutely loved my Kate Spade agenda this year, and when I find a product I love...I like to stick with it! I can't decide which design I like best from the 2018 range's between the gold pola dots and the hot pink Fashionably Late one!

8. My trusty old GHDs finally died in 2017 and I've been lost without them for the past few months, so I'd really love a new pair!!

9. I've been after a nice Camera bag for ages now and this gorgeous Mint Green one from Jo Totes is EXACTLY what I'm after! Its on the pricey side but I know I'd get so much use out of it...available here

10. I love stationery, and a weekly planner is something I always need...this unicorn one is whimsically wonderful!!

11. Ever since our Isle Of Wight holiday, I have been lusting after a Nespresso machine - I just LOVE them and they'd make my mornings so much more bearable!

12. If I WAS lucky enough to get a Nespresso machine, I'd have to indulge in some of the Starbucks pods for it too...I know not everyone is a fan of Starbucks coffee but I just can't get enough of it!

13. I've been after The Busy Girls Guide To Digital Photography for ages now and I just never get around to buying it...I really do want to give it a read as I'm always keen to improve my photos

14. I love this sweater from Sassy Bird Problems shop...the slogan is perfect for a scouse bird like me, I love the rose gold foil print and it just looks sooooo comfy!

And finally, aside from the usual suspects like underwear,  pyjamas and chocolate....the only other thing I'd love to find under my tree this year (aside from a Disneyland Paris annual pass, of course!) would be a brand new Disney suitcase for my trips to my happy place!

So that's what on my wish list this year, what's on yours?!

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