Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Review: Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles

Last week, we received a brand new little friend in the post which I just have to share with you!

Let me introduce the absolutely adorable Cuddles The Cat.

Cuddles is part of the Little Live Pets range of toys...which are something I've been considering buying for quite a while now.

We don't currently have any real pets at home but it's something we've been discussing a lot lately, and if we were to get one then it would most likely be a cat...but given that none of the children have ever been around animals, I've been a bit worried about how they'd react. And although the Little Live Pets range obviously aren't supposed to be a test to see if children would take well to pets...they are just toys after all!...the arrival of Cuddles did give me a little glimpse into how the boys would react to the arrival of a pet, because they honestly thought Cuddles was real!

I've seen a lot of "realistic" animal toys over the years but I have to say...Little Live Pets really pull it off! Cuddles is soft and super fluffy, with eyes that open and close on their own, a tail that wags when she's happy, a head that moves around on its own and very realistic sound effects such as purring, meowing and...much to the boys delight...even burping!

Cuddles has 20 kitten sounds and play modes, and comes with a little bowl which when her nose is pressed against she makes eats from by making slurping sounds.

Noah loves to tickle her cheeks to which Cuddles responds with a purr as she nuzzles her face into his.

When you stroke her fur, or "soft" her as Noah says, she meows and her tail swishes around. She also often whispers "I love you!" too which Noah just adores!

The boys have played with Cuddles for a few hours each day over the past week and don't seem to be showing any sign of losing interest which is always a plus! She accompanies Noah to bed every night too.

If your little one is a pet lover, then I highly recommend taking a look at Little Live Pets My Dream Kitten Cuddles - I think she's a pet that all children would absolutely adore.

She's currently on sale at Smyths Toy Store too - to take a look click here

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