Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Siblings In November

So due to our holiday and my lack of ability to find my blogging mojo since we got home (shingles in the eye will do that to you!), I missed last months Siblings update which is a shame as I've managed to keep up with it all year.

I DID actually take photos of the boys together in October so I'm going to put those and this months in this post as they're too cute not to share!

I often read other peoples siblings posts and although I really enjoy hearing about their kids relationships and admiring their lovely photos...I have to admit, it does often leave me wondering if mine are the only children that are so...well....feral?!

Ok maybe they're not feral but I can't help but feel like most other peoples children honestly look like they wouldn't know what a sibling fight or tantrum was if it slapped them in the face, whereas it takes everything I've got to get mine to STOP throwing tantrums or arguing with each other for long enough for me to even take a photo every month!

Perhaps everyone elses children are exactly the same as mine and it just doesn't show in their photos...but just incase the photos of my boys ever make you think that MAYBE these children of mine are always clean and smiley and lovely and that they get along super well....let me inform you...that is NOT THE CASE.

Let's start with Tyne and Noah...since starting school in September, Tyne has developed much more of an attitude in general and he comes out of school most days in the absolute foulest of moods. I know he's tired, I know it's a tough adjustment for him...but oh my god, is that after-school attitude hard to deal with!

Noah is 2 years old...which in itself is a challenge, one I was fortunate enough not to experience with Tyne as he seemed to skip the Terrible Two phase but Noah is the very definition of The Terrible Twos ... Noah's favourite hobbies include running away at every given opportunity no matter how dangerous the situation might be, screaming at the top of his lungs in every shop we ever dare set foot into, and trying his absolute darndest to wind his older brother up....ESPECIALLY after school when Tyne is absolutely not in the mood for it.

So...that's fun.

Today's after-school back-of-the-car argument went something like this:

Tyne: Will you just stop talking Noah! You're making my ears hurt, I don't want to listen to you!
Noah: No I won't stop talking...You not the boss of me!
Tyne: I AM the boss of you Noah so just shut up or I'll poo on you
Noah: No don't poo on me...I poo on you...I poo on your silly head face
Tyne: Yeah well...I'll...I'll...I'll poo in your mouth!
Noah: (Wailing) No! Mummeeee...Tiny gonna poo in my mouth!!

So....yep. That about sums that up.

As for Tyne and Sailor...Tyne, for some reason, considers Sailor to be "his favourite brother" (Ive tried and failed to discourage the whole "favourite brother" thing many many times...) and LOVES to smother him in cuddles and kisses constantly.

Which sounds sweet, right?

The problem is...Sailor DOES NOT like to be touched. Sailor is no fan of affection from his brothers at all, and he cries whenever Tyne tries to cuddle and/or kiss him.

So that's fun too.

And then there's Noah and Sailor...who probably get on best out of them all, but every now and then Noah likes to try and show his "big brother by 10 whole months" authority by pushing Sailor over at random or yanking a toy off him....And Sailor likes to try and fight for his place on the chain of command by hitting Noah in retaliation or even giving him the occasional bite as a warning.

So...that's super fun to police to.

On the whole...that's how the boys relationships are day to day.

I could sit here and tell you how sometimes they play really nicely together, especially with playdoh and lego. And how sometimes they have a moment of loveliness where they say the cutest things such "Noah is my best friend" or "I love Tyney soooo much!.

And yes, all of those things DO happen....and luckily for the boys, when they do they absolutely do make all of those other times worth it. And I wouldn't change them at all.

But most of the time? You're not very likely to find them cuddling each other and playing nicely're far more likely to find them arguing over a piece of lego and calling each other poohead.

That's just the truth of it!!

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