Sunday, 19 November 2017

Top 3 Luxurious Hotels I'd Love To Visit

Now that I've finally conquered my fear of flying, my mind has been firmly focused on making travel plans.

Although we do have a family travel bucket list in place for the next few years, I've been casting my mind further into the future and planning out some far-flung luxury trips that I'd love to take once the boys are a little older and no longer want to travel with us. I imagine I'll feel a bit sad once that day arrives (and I hope it doesn't come around too quickly!) so some luxury travel will probably be just what I need to cheer me up again!

Over the years, I've amassed quite a list of hotels and far flung corners of the world that I'd love to visit so today I thought I'd share with you my top 3.

1) The Plaza, New York City

New York city has always been at the very top of my wishlist for holidays - I love the idea of sitting on Carrie Bradshaws perch, shopping at Macys, nibbling a croissant outside Tiffanys just like Audrey Hepburn and going off in search of Monica & Rachels apartment block from Friends! And after spending my younger years watching Home Alone 2: Lost In New York...I have my heart set on a swish hotel! If its good enough for Kevin McAllister after all....!

The hotel even boasts a Royal Plaza Suite which includes its own library, gym, grand piano and even comes with its own butler and chefs! Imagine!!

2) The Boulders, Arizona

Set in 1,300 acres of the Sonoran desert among stunning 12 million year old rock formations - do hotels really get much more  picturesque than this?

It even has its own Villa retreat - a private gated getaway for the worlds richest and most famous, so private that the hotel won't discuss who it's clientele are until their dead and gone!

3) The Four Seasons Mumbai

With its opulent and impressive decor and stunning views of the Arabian sea, life at the four seasons mumbai looks pretty idyllic.

This is one that we could even do sooner rather than later as they have a fantastic childrens programme available - now I just need to do some serious penny saving!

If you could visit any hotel in the world, where would it be? Does the four seasons mumbai tempt you? Or is the New York Plaza more your style?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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