Saturday, 23 December 2017

16 Creative & Silly Elf On The Shelf Ideas

So I intended to get this post up FAR earlier on in the month but, such is life every single December, things got hectic and I didn't get around to it!

But better late than never and if, like me, you're struggling a bit for a way to go out with a bang on the last day of the Elf On The Shelf shenanigans then I thought it might help you out (and failing that it'll be good for the ole' Pinterest search traffic for me next December so it's going up regardless haha!)

This is our third year having our elf visitor Tinsel, and it's getting harder to come up with new mischief for him to get into...but I absolutely love doing it! I'm all for anything that adds to the magic of Christmas for little ones as they only believe for such a short time and I want to make the experience of Christmas as magical for them (and me!) as possible while it lasts.

This has been the best year by far for doing Elf On The Shelf as although Tyne enjoyed it in previous years, he's REALLY got into it this year...he wakes up every morning saying "What's Tinsel done today! Lets go and see!"...and Noah and Sailor enjoy it too!

So here are some of my favourite of Tinsel's tricks this year to hopefully inspire your own Elf's adventures if you're feeling stuck!

1. Swinging in Style!

We bought the Elf Swing from Poundland and it's the best quid I've ever spent! The kids thought this was hilarious! We constructed a swing frame from tubes of wrapping paper to make it look more like a real swing which wasn't too difficult and really added to the affect!

2. Tag Along!

Tinsel was so excited about Tyne's first nativity performance that he decided to try and tag along to see it....we found him hitching a ride in the car on the way to school that morning! This one was a big hit with Tyne...Tinsel has never left the house before and I don't think he expected it at all!

3. Elf On The ...Moon!

Tinsel decided he wanted to play astronauts one night and made himself a space suit and a moon out of tin foil...this one got a big laugh!

4. Drawing Elf-Portaits

This was another one the boys really loved...finding Tinsel laying around drawing pictures...of himself of course!

5. Silly Santa Hats!

Tinsel stuck santa hats onto all of the pictures on our family photo wall one evening! Another one the boys really got a kick out of it.

6. Silly Science

One morning Tinsel left some science experiments for us to do as that's something Tyne is really into at the moment - he challenged us to use some skittles to make our own rainbow, and he left us some magical elf seeds (*ahem* tic tacs...) to plant in a sugar pot....we left them there for a few minutes and when we came back they'd magically turned into candy canes!

7. Art Gallery!

Tinsel obviously got a bit jealous of the family photo wall and decided we needed some photos of him up he covered the wall in "elfies!"

8. Elf In Jail!

After such bad behaviour with the selfie wall, of course Tinsel had to spend some time in Candy Cane Lock Up!

9. Giant Elf!

Tinsel got a bit fed up of being the smallest one around here and used my boots and some tubes of wrapping paper to make himself some stilts!

10. Elves do nice things too!
Tinsel isn't always a naughty elf...he does like to bring treats too and on Christmas jumper day he arrived with a new Christmas jumper for each of the boys, as well as one of his own! (Courtesy of Poundland!)

11. Lazy nights!

Some nights "elves" just can't be bothered doing sitting on the sofa with the remote and some popcorn just has to do!

12. Hide & Seek!

Tinsel got a bit carried away trying to find a hiding place and broke his way out of our cereal box

13. And then comes the "Boy humour"

Poo jokes and toilet humour is all the rage in this house, so Tinsel's trump in a jar gave the boys plenty of giggles! As did....

14. When you've gotta go, you've gotta go!

His little accident in our sink. For some bizzare reason Tyne decided to taste the elf droppings and discovered they were actually chocolate. WHY he decided to taste them, I'm not so sure!!!

15. Toy take over!

The toy soldiers had enough of Tinsel's antics one evening and decided to take matters into their own hands!

I hope you find these elf on the shelf ideas useful. Sorry for the poor quality photos but when its 1 am and you're trying to be creative with an elf, you just can't be bothered to go and get the good camera!!

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