Friday, 15 December 2017

Hotel Chocolat: The Perfect Gift To Spoil Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Every year as December draws near, I find myself writing out the same old lists of gift ideas for those near and dear to me.

The same old whisky and socks for Dad, diary for Mum...make up for my sister...

And although those tried and tested gifts are always gratefully received, I always have that desire to do something a bit different...and instead of buying the things they all "Need", indulging them in something they want instead.

Something a bit decadent...something that's a bit of an indulgent treat....perhaps something they probably wouldn't usually buy for themselves, not because they don't want it but because there's always someone else to spend the money on, always someone to put first.

This year I decided I was going to do just that...I wanted to spoil them a little and so I've been on the hunt for a gift that will do just that...and I think I've found it!

Rather than something practical and "useful" this Christmas, I'm going to be gifting them something more indulgent...more desirable...and more downright delicious!

Under the Christmas tree this year, they'll find these gorgeously festive boxes of yum from my personal favourite chocolatier...Hotel Chocolat.

I've been a fan of Hotel Chocolat for years, infact earlier this year I even joined their Tasting Club (you receive a box of chocolates every month to try out and give your feedback on, it's AMAZING...highly recommended if you're a bit of a chocoholic too!) - so I knew that they wouldn't let me down when it came to finding the perfect gift to spoil my loved ones.

The Hotel Chocolat christmas shop is full of deliciously indulgent treats and the most amazing gift boxes and hampers, you'll be totally spoiled for choice...but one that's sure to suit all tastes is this:

The Classic Christmas Chocolate Sleekster is full of deliciously festive delights including caramel spruce trees, chocolate reindeer, mulled wine baubles and deliciously moreish snowballs to name just a few. Every flavour is simply wonderful, and there's something about the snap in the chocolate that lets you know this is high quality - not your average box of supermarket choccies!

My personal favourite though has to be the award winning Treacle Tart - decadent sticky toffee with a hint of lemon encased in chocolate pastry and topped with cornflakes for that classic crunch. Simply delicious!

At just £22.50 the Classic Christmas Collection doesn't break the bank, but the quality of the contents and the sleek classic design of the box really does make it a gift that stands out - something that's sure to get you onto everybody's nice list for 2018!

To take a look at the Hotel Chocolate Christmas range for yourself, just click HERE

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  1. I've seen that wreath box before and been coveting it. I love Hotel Chocolat, you can't go wrong with their products but I've never tried the treacle tart one, I need to! Mich x

  2. I love Hotel Chocolat, you know that you are getting a good quality chocolate that tastes amazing. Love the look of the wreath box, now to persuade my husband we need it!

  3. I never had Hotel Chocolat chocolate before, but I love the sets. What a lovely, indulgent gift to find under the tree!

  4. Oooo these chocolates really do look delicious & indulgent. I love your photos of them in the snow. It can be so hard to know what to get people for Christmas but everyone loves chocolates!!

  5. Ooh I just LOVE hotel chocolat and that wreath box looks amazing! That's actually a really good price too, you get exactly what you pay for and it's just delicious!


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