Monday, 4 December 2017

Looking Forward To New Year #MyMarks

With December just days away, it may seem a little odd to be talking about what we're most looking forward to this January...but I'm a big lover of starting afresh and there's little better to my mind than a brand new fresh year for doing just that!

A new year always fills me with excitement when I sit on News Years Eve, Prosecco in hand, wondering what it might have in store for us. 2018 in particular is a bit of a mystery as unlike most other recent years we don't have many hard and fast plans.

We have one holiday booked, but that's it! I'm not pregnant like I have been for most of the last few years, I'm also not 100% convinced whether I definitely will or definitely won't consider having another baby during the course of the plans seem to change by the day at the moment so the year feels wide open to possibilities, which is certainly exciting.

Now that my eldest son Tyne is in school, a new year also means the start of a new school term for him. At the moment all Tyne can talk about is his excitement at the prospect of the Christmas break, but come January I think he'll secretly be glad to be back to the playground with his friends...after all, those school trousers aren't going to tear holes in themselves are they?! ;)

It's surprising how quickly children seem to shoot up once school rolls around, and I'm amazed to see just how much Tyne has grown already when I look at his Autumn term school clothes. Luckily we have plenty of clothing to see him through the coming term thanks to M & S school uniform shop - their range of stylish and durable school clothes is really extensive, offering a range of different fits and colour options to suit every taste and need.

I love how well the school trousers wash, in particular. They always seem to come home covered in mud or jam, so it's really important that they wash nicely!

Tyne's school requires two different kinds of coat for each child - a winter coat and a rain jacket. I absolutely adore this bright yellow Fisherman jacket - it's one I've had my eye on for a while now as I just love the colour!

Tyne loves his winter coat most though, it's fleece lined and he says is the snuggliest coat ever...he loves the faux fur trimmed hood too!

So while we're certainly not wishing Christmas away, I am looking forward to January coming that I can start a clean page in my planner and a clean page in life! Eating healthier, trying harder to look after myself so that I can look after the boys better, and just trying to slow down a little and enjoy life more. I'm looking forward to the return of the longer days too, and hopefully a little more sunshine!

As for Tyne, he's looking forward to new experiences in school...getting back to doing PE outdoors and maybe even a sports day once Summer arrives! And of course like most little ones, he's mostly looking forward to his birthday coming around!

What are you looking forward to about January and the new year?

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