Thursday, 11 January 2018

How I Created A Home Office Area With Almost No Space!

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Now that we're officially in the beginnings of a brand new year, my focus is firmly on getting our home back into shape after the chaos of a busy Christmas with children.

We've rejigged things a little, with the addition of a dining table meaning that my work desk had to find a new home. I wanted to create a peaceful little "Home Office" style space away from interruptions and distractions, but how exactly do you do that when you don't have a spare room?!

There are five of us living in a 3 bedroom house which means that space isn't easily found here and if you're anything like me, then reading interiors blogs and magazine can just make you feel worse about the way your home looks...I avoid them at all costs!

But after spending a bit of time thinking about it and a lot of time looking on Pinterest, I decided to move my work space into a corner of our bedroom where - with the help of a corner desk - I could create an area that feels separate to the rest of the room, that gives me the space I need to work freely but doesn't completely take over our bedroom.

Now when I say a corner of my bedroom - that's exactly what I mean! I don't have a particularly large bedroom and there is not tons of free space to be had there - I had literally one small corner to make use of!

I found the corner desk in the Argos Home range for a very reasonable price, and I love the cube storage section to the side as it not only creates a barrier between my work area and the rest of the room but it also provides a handy place to file the bits and pieces that I need for work without looking cluttered.

I try to keep my desk top as clutter free as possible, with just a few little trinkets to brighten it up (mostly related to travel as this is my main motivation for working and helps to remind me focused!) and a little copper storage basket for keeping my notebooks tidy. I also have my trusty planners out on my desk at all times, along with a to do list of course!

But although I loved the area, it just felt as though it needed something more to really make it a place I wanted to be - when my work station was downstairs I'd had some lovely framed artwork from Desenio above my desk and I really loved it, so I missed having that up here but I know that the black frames and style of print wouldn't really work in our bedroom.

Luckily for me, I noticed that Desenio now do a range of absolutely stunning rose gold frames which work with our bedroom decor perfectly and still look amazing in my little home office corner.

I paired them with a mix of motivational quotes such as the See What Happens poster and pretty photographic art like the gorgeous Pink Peonies On Green poster - I love this one as I find the colours so calming.

I then added the gold print Be Kind poster as not only do I love the simplicity of the words and of course the message, but I thought the colour of the print worked really well - and then the Beauty Begins poster as I loved the pink colouring of this alongside the rose gold frames.

And finally, as I like to use the Leave A Little Sparkle quote everywhere given that it works so well with my blog name, I added in a small print of the Sparkle Poster - I think that changing up the sizes of the art works really well on collection walls like this.

I also included my travel goals map which was a birthday gift from my mum as the colour of it works really well, and my new copper peg board from Home Bargains too (£5.99, such a bargain!)

I'm really happy with how the area looks, and I feel that given the limited amount of space I had available - I've managed to create quite a nice working environment without it detracting from the overall feel of the bedroom.

Don't Forget:

The code “sparklesandstretchmarks” gives 25% off posters* between 9th - 11th January. 
*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frame

So If you're looking to brighten up your wallspace then head to Desenio now!

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