Sunday, 28 January 2018

Jammie Dodgers Oaty Bites: The Healthier Biscuit Snack For Little Ones

"Mummy! I Snack"

"Mummeeeeeee!!! Snack pleeeeeeease!"

"Snack snack snack!"

This is basically the soundtrack to my day. With three active little boys who are never still, always bouncing, always running and always burning off energy - I feel as though I spend the vast majority of my time walking backwards and forwards to the kitchen in an endless effort to feed their ever-hungry tummies!

Of course our first go-to is always something along the lines of fruit but inevitably the requests for a "treat" always come - and gone are the days when a banana could be passed off as a treat!

Last week, just before we headed out to pick my eldest up from school, we took delivery of a new product from my all time favourite Biscuit producer...Jammie Dodger! (Seriously, is there anything better to dunk in your cuppa than a jammie dodger?! Bliss!)

They have launched a brand new healthier biscuit snack for children - Jammie Dodger Oaty Bites - individual bags of little oaty biscuits with tasty raspberry pieces - packed full of deliciousness, but also with no artificial colours or flavours, preservatives or sweeteners! They're made with wholegrain oats so are a great source of fibre too.

They sounded like a winner to me, but of course...they had to pass the taste test first. I took a few packets out with me, and - as expected - once Tyne was out of school the usual demands for a snack began. Feeling like some sort of super hero for FINALLY having remembered to bring an after school treat, I produced the Oaty Bites and waited to see what the reaction was.

I'm pleased to report...they were a huge hit!

Infact as you can see from the photos below...even the local seagulls were keen to give them a try!

Each of the boys happily devoured their packets and after a matter of days, they've already become a firm favourite and much requested item in our house!

What I love about the Jammie Dodger Oaty Bites is that they come in multipacks of 5 125g bags, and each bag contains just enough for little tummies - meaning there's no waste but that there's also plenty to go around. They're also Vegetarian friendly, and contain no hydrogenated fats or GM ingredients whatsoever.

It can be really tricky as a parent to find snacks that the children like and see as a fun treat, which are also a healthier option too but with Oaty Bites containing less sugar than most childrens biscuits on the market I know we're onto a winner.

The individually wrapped bags also make them a perfect lunch box snack too!

If you're looking to add some fun to your snack time, I'd definitely recommend giving these a try!

Available to buy now in Tesco -  RRP £1.69:


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