Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Me & Mine In January...AKA Ways January Was Crap

You know how I usually start these Me & Mine posts with the super inventive & creative sentence "Well I can't believe it's the end of the month already! It's gone so fast!"?!


This month has dragged it's wet, cold, dark arse like a dog with worms.

I mean feels like it's been January for sodding YEARS, does it not?!??

There's been no daylight in our house since October. I feel like I'm living in a bunker in some sort of horror movie. And I am SO OVER IT.

I am OVER the dark days, I am OVER the rain, I am OVER the cold...I'm just DONE WITH WINTER.

I swear to god that tomorrow morning, I am going to run outside and kiss the actual ground to welcome February...I have NEVER been so ready for a month to end. FML January, you are the Donald Trump of Calendar Months...NOBODY LIKES YOU!

*cough* Anyway. Now that I've got that off my chest...

Here's some photos of us sitting in the house...because that is basically ALL THAT WE HAVE DONE THIS MONTH!

Every time we have made plans to go out and do something, it has pissed down.

And the more nature loving mamas out there would probably say "Why didn't you put your wellies on and go out anyway?! Splash in puddles! The kids don't mind! They'll love it!"

Well sorry...nope. The apple did not fall far from the tree with my children and they hate the wet cold weather as much as I do. They look at the rain in disgust, and if there's even a mention of splashing in ANYTHING there are screams!

Noah fell over bum first into a tiny little puddle of mud at the park last week (on one of the TWO occasions we ventured to it) and oh my'd think he'd landed in a pit of hungry lions with the screams he emitted! He wailed and sobbed and BEGGED for help until we all agreed to just pack up and go home so he could change his jeans.

So yes, we have mostly been at home in January - baking cupcakes (badly, ain't no Pinterest mums around here!), getting Playdoh stuck in the carpet, painting the walls green (Sailor), crying into our cups of tea because we now have green splodgy walls (Me) and generally just hibernating for a while like the delicate little creatures we are.

As of this weekend though, we will be venturing out into the world once more as we're heading off to Disneyland Paris for the week...PLEASE GOD LET THE SUN SHINE IN FRANCE!!!!!!!

So hopefully next month's update will be more than just me having a moan, and some dark photos taken on my sofa because it is literally the ONLY place in the house that gets slightly light for 10 minutes per day.

This Month, Mummy Has Loved:

*The new series of Grace & Frankie on Netflix
*..And "The End Of The F***ing World" on Netflix....
*...And basically has done precious little else except watch Netflix.

Daddy Has Loved:

*.....well he lost his job due to illness in January, so not much really?! Wow January, you've been so shit!

Tyne Has Loved:


*FGTeev...Do your kids watch the HELL that is FGTeev on YouTube?! If you fancy starting some sort of support group for parents with me?! Coz FML that is LOUD AND ANNOYING!

*Playing Cowboys and perfecting his best American accent...Y'aaaaall

Noah Has Loved:

*Elsa, Elsa and More Elsa. He now refers to himself as "Noah-Elsa" and he goes to sleep clutching a teeny tiny Elsa toy from a magazine...he has bigger ones he could cuddle but where's the fun in that when you lose it at bedtime and have a meltdown?! Much more fun to have us crawling around on all fours desperately looking for the worlds tiniest Elsa toy!

*Learning the songs from The Greatest Showman and performing them with great dramatic hip sa-shaying and cape swishing

Sailor Has Loved:

*Learning how to say more "Bye-paaaaad!" (translation: Ipad), "Bikiiiiiits!" (translation: Biscuits) and "LIKE IIIIIT!" (translation: I Do NOT like it, please stop feeding this to me).

*Entering the Terrible Twos and mastering the art of the tantrum...Bless him if he was our first child they'd probably be quite impressive ones, he throws his head back and screams...the full works, but they just come off as really funny when you compare them to a 4 year olds tantrums so they have little to no effect on anybody. Which is a shame for Sailor. But hey...perks of having three children! Who knew Tantrums got easier?!

*Anything to do with witches - seriously. Obsessed.

So that's been January....thank god thats over for another year!!!! Come on February, please don't be so rainy and miserable!

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