Monday, 15 January 2018

Siblings In January 2018

Does it feel to anybody else that life still hasn't quite returned to normal after Christmas?!

I don't know if its just in our house, but we all seem to be struggling a bit to get back into the day to day routine of life - I can hardly believe that we're already halfway through January not because its gone by quickly but because my head is still so firmly in holiday mode!

But here we are, and although I didn't have any photos ready for today - I did want to continue to join in with the Siblings project this year because I love having these monthly photos of the boys together to look back on. It's been 3 years since I started joining in now, and I've captured the whole lives of the youngest two month by month as a result which I think is pretty cool!

So I flung the massive oversized cuddly monkey they got for Christmas onto my bed (#WhatKindOfIdiotBuysAGiantMonkeyForXmas #ItWasMe)  and snapped some quick photos while Jon danced behind me to make them was chaos as everything we try to do is because three little people make life very hectic, and the photos came out crap like they always do because apparently there's no daylight in my house in January whatsoever and because I will never ever have chance to learn how to properly use my camera until they're grown up....but they'll do. Because who cares.

If you read my posts towards the end of last year you might recall that the boys were struggling a bit to get along, something I imagine will continue to happen on and off as they get older and something which...although it can be annoying as the parent...I don't really tend to stress about too much as in all honesty I couldn't stand my sister when we were kids but our relationship as adults is good, so this reassures me that I don't need to worry about how the boys are getting along too much in childhood!

But for the sake of the post, let's see how its going!

The pair that struggle by far the most are Tyne & Noah....perhaps its because they're so very different in their likes and interests (Tyne with his lego and cops & robbers, and Noah with his Princess dresses and Elsa obsession!) or perhaps it's just because they're the oldest and so there's a bit of a power struggle but I would say that they bicker more than they get along well at the moment.

However, they HAVE started to play together nicely more often over the past few weeks which has been nice to see! They still argue more often than not, but usually once a day they will manage an hour or so of playing together happily - until it ends in one of them taking the other ones toy and then they come running through in tears and its time to play referee again. The joys of parenting!

Another no change relationship is Noah & Sailor's... the two of them are still as thick as thieves, and it's easy to see why people so often mistake them for twins as they really are each others shadow.

They're ALWAYS together and they love to copy each other - Noah refers to Sailor as "Sails" all the time now and whenever he has anything, he's quick to request one of the same "for Sails"...whether its sweets, biscuits, a drink or a new toy....there always has to be one for "Sails" too!

Tyne and Sailor are starting to play together more now that Sailor is getting older, and this has been really nice as their interests are quite similar...although Sailor is happy to dress up in Princess clothes and play with Noah, he seems to prefer playing with lego and Batman toys and so he enjoys sitting alongside Tyne to watch how he plays and then trying to copy him. He's picked up some quite impressive play sword fighting techniques this way recently much to the dismay of my poor bruised legs!

The three of them are very much still a handful, and there is noise and chaos wherever we go....but they are the three most hilarious, clever and totally adorable little people and I wouldn't swap their loudness or craziness for the world!

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