Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Updating Your Living Room the Easy Way

Most families spend a significant percentage of their time in the living room. Typically, it is where everyone gathers in the evening and at weekends. Perhaps to chill out and watch popular family TV shows together.

It is a room that still gets a fair amount of use, so it is well worth keeping it up to date. Fortunately, doing so need not take a huge amount of time and effort. Often, making some little changes is enough to keep it looking fresh and inviting. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Order yourself some new pictures

You could have purchased some canvas prints for your wall and be a bit bored of them. If that is the case, just take them down and order some more. It only takes a few minutes to do. Provided you order something that is a similar size to the one you have just taken down there is no need to install any new hooks. You can simply have to remove the old print and hang the new one. This simple task should take less than 20 minutes to do including the picture selection and ordering process.

Update your soft furnishings

If your cushions and sofa are looking a bit dated, order yourself some new soft furnishings. Cushion covers are easy to find and buy.
When it comes to your sofa, you may need to be a bit more creative. If it is a popular model, finding professionally made replacement covers online is not difficult. For less common or older models you may be better off simply replacing it or buying some throws to cover it.

Re-arrange your furniture

Changing the layout of your room is another way to change its look and feel. It is also worth removing items of furniture that you rarely use. Doing this really opens up the room and gives it a more modern, minimalist, feel.

Give your windows a new look

If your curtains or blinds are looking a bit dated, you could simply replace them. However, this can be expensive to do for someone who is living on a tight budget. In that situation, a far better approach is updating what you already own.

For curtains, it could be as simple as trimming them with another fabric or ribbon and creating some modern tie-backs. Blinds are a bit trickier to update, but these days it is relatively easy to buy decals that can be stuck to the original blind. This means you can radically change the style of the blind without having to pay too much money to do so.
You can easily buy a leaded-light kit to give your modern windows a new look. Or, if you want you can transform some of the panes into stained glass style windows. It is amazing what a difference this simple change makes to the quality of the light in a room and, therefore, the ambience.

The above are just a few simple ideas. When you go online you will find literally hundreds more. Some of my other favourites are included in this article.

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