Monday, 5 March 2018

Dear Sailor, Now You're 2...

Dear Sailor James / Sailor Moon/ Moony / SJ / All your many many other nicknames....

You wouldn't know it from the extreme lack of birthday-ness in our house right now, but today is your second birthday.

I'm really not sure how 2 years have gone past quite so quickly, although I know I say that every single year. It always takes me by surprise when I suddenly realise how grown up you've become over the last few months as I still think of you as a baby. Because you will always be my tiniest one.

Even Noah, your 10 month old brother, has started telling me in exasperation "Mummy... Sailor's not a baby now, he's a BOY!" and I guess he's are a toddler now in every sense.

You rarely want to be carried anywhere, you always shout "NO! WALK!" whenever we try to put you in your pram, and you are talking more and more every day.

Just like your two older brothers, you are very head strong and such a character - you know exactly what you want and will not give up until you get it or at least some compromise that you're happy with!

You've taken on the Terrible 2s a little early with the onset of some pretty impressive attempts at tantrums lately too - you throw your head back in a super dramatic fashion, screw your face up and scream when you don't get your way! Unfortunately for you, tantrums don't have much of an effect on your Dad and I any more as we've weathered so many of them over the last few years with your siblings and we've built up an immunity - but you try your best anyway!

Your personality hasn't changed much since your 1st birthday update - you still LOVE to eat and are the only one of my three children who will eat any and every thing put down in front of you with no fuss at all. Just yesterday you came along for a bite of my feta, rocket and tomato sandwich, which I confidently told you that you wouldn't like as your brothers wouldn't dream of eating it..but before I knew it you were back to take the whole thing off me and you ate it all! There seems to be nothing you don't like....except rice. You're very fussy with rice!! Strange.

You have a real sweet tooth too and spend most of your time demanding "Eaties!" and just like your brothers did, you have a real love of take three to bed with you every night, one in your mouth and one for each hand and there is hell to pay if we can't find them!

Other than that though, you are the best sleeper of the bunch - you go to bed at 7.30 every night with no fuss at all, and go straight to sleep. You hardly ever wake in the night, and usually sleep through until 8.30 in the morning too. After two bad sleepers in your brothers, this is a blessing I will always be grateful for!

You are a very funny little character with your own sense of humour, and it has to be said - you are a bit of a wild one! You love to play rough and tumble, and throw yourself off the sofa with little regard for what you might land on!

Your favourite things right now are anything Disney (you love "Mouse" and all of the Princesses but especially Snow White, Belle and Anna...and you have a real of the Evil Queen and Maleficent too!), you love to play dress up and can usually be found wearing a witches outfit, and you love watching Disney movies too and will happily sit through the whole of Toy Story, Sleeping Beauty or Snow White already!

We celebrated your birthday early last week with a little trip to Disneyland Paris where we had a birthday meal with the characters and a cake brought out by Mickey Mouse himself...which was lucky as unfortunately we seem to have brought tummy bugs home with us and we have all spent the last two days being very poorly!

You were due to have a party today at the local soft play centre but instead you've spent the day sleeping on the sofa...we've rearranged it for tomorrow and you'll be getting your gifts and balloons then when you hopefully feel more up to celebrating, fingers crossed - it makes me feel really sad to know its your birthday and that we're not doing anything but I'd rather you enjoyed it and thankfully you won't know any different if we do it tomorrow when you'll hopefully be feeling better!

I hope you have a lovely 2nd birthday, albeit a slightly late one - love you lots Sailor James xxx

Love From Mummy xxx

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