Monday, 19 February 2018

Designing A Dream Pet With PetPlan

Since Tyne turned four, the topic of pets has been high on the list of "Favourite Dinner Table Discussions".

It all started with a visit to a local pet store where he saw and fell in love with some guinea pigs, and from there has moved on to a desire for a pet dog. We get the "When can I have a dog?" question four or five times a day at the moment, and the answer is one that Jon & I really can't decide on!

At the moment we live in a rented house which doesn't allow pets which at least gives us a handy excuse to hold off on the pet thing for a while, but is it something we want to get into once we have our own home?

I've always been a little undecided. Growing up pets were something that came and went a lot - I think we had every sort of pet you can think of at some point or another - cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, gerbils, budgies, rabbits, terrapins, goldfish and even finches at one point! - but they never lasted for very long before my non-animal-fan Mum decided she'd had enough and rehomed them. And I have to admit, after a few tears we usually got over their departure pretty rapidly - maybe it's because we'd never really had chance to get close to the animals, or maybe we were just used to it - but whatever the reason, it meant that pets were never something that featured prominently in our lives and so when I left home, they weren't something I ever considered getting. They just weren't something I was used to having.

But since Tyne has started asking about them, I have been thinking that there are lots of plus points to them - apart from the bond and companionship a pet can be great for teaching a child responsibility and compassion, too. 

I think that once we have our own home, Tyne's wish for a dog of his own will be granted - I'm actually quite excited to bring a pet into our family that can stick around and become part of it, I think it'll be lovely for all of us. But one thing I want to make sure of is that we have adequate PetPlan pet insurance in place! It's no secret that being a pet owner can be expensive, as my sister recently found out when her new cat Lola was attacked by a neighbourhood cat and required an emergency trip to the vets!

For now though, a real pet isn't an option for us and so when Petplan offered Tyne the chance to create his own Dream Pet he was delighted! He sat down and chatted over some ideas with us, before eventually deciding on a pet dolphin who also had a magical unicorn horn which could change him into any other animal at all - pretty cool!!

With a bit of help from Daddy, Tyne drew his Dream Pet and we posted his photo off - and a few weeks later, he arrived in the post!

Tyne was delighted, and has been snuggling him at bedtime every night. Hopefully it will stop him asking the dog question everyday, even just for a little while!!

*This post was written in collaboration with Petplan

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