Friday, 9 February 2018

How to Improve Your Home and Keep Your Sanity

I know, sounds crazy right? A home improvement project where we don’t all slowly lose our minds? Yes, it is possible. It’s never fun to feel like your home is not your own, if you can’t use your kitchen or bathroom, and get your daily routine done in peace. But does it have to be the mega-stressful horrific experience that some people speak of? Yep, people have gotten divorced over home improvement before.

There are some tactics you can employ to make sure you get the best out of your home improvement experience. You have to be super prepared to make sure you know what is going to happen, when and why. This is done with the help of a great contractor who will walk you through all the steps and respect your wishes. You also want to get all of the information available to you, and make sure you enter into this whole situation with a good attitude.

More on this below!

     Prepare extensively

Normally when we think about preparing for home improvement, we think of putting down construction paper, taking fragile objects out of the way of bustling workmen and preparing enough cups of tea for an army. Of course, this is very important, but perhaps not the most important preparation you’ll need to do.

You’ll also need to make sure the people around you (like family, friends and neighbours) are ready for the noise and commotion. Also, there are some other preparations to do. Make a plan with your contractors, for instance. They should offer you all of the information you need to have detailed plan. This way you know when to leave the house, perhaps to organise a few days away to escape the mess if need be.

Whatever you need to do to feel sure and secure about the whole process, do it!

     Hire the right person

This is probably the hardest part of the process. Finding the right person for any job can be an uphill struggle, especially when people start trying to pitch and sell to you. This is not the best way to choose a contractor - being pressured into a deal. Ideally, you want to take your time and be very calm and well-informed when it comes to making this decision.

You also need to look in all the right places. The first of these is through your friends, family, coworkers, neighbours and acquaintances. Ask for recommendations, as these are the best way to find out if someone is trustworthy and will do a good job. You also want to compare as many quotes as possible online. Websites like this one do this for you quickly and easily for local providers - this is the kind of service you want. Local contractors are often more trustworthy than big national companies.

     Be super well-informed

The reason we hire professionals is because they have the expertise, skills and experience that we do not. But how can you know if they’re doing the right thing if you have no clue what is right for your home. Just like those quote comparison websites, getting online is a great solution to this problem. There is tons of information out there these days, so if you want to know everything there is to know about double glazed windows, for instance, you can find resources for that!

Looking online is only one way to get the right information about your project, though. Once you’ve decided on a tradesman or contractor to work with you, ask them to tell you in detail what they will be doing, and why. This will leave you with a clear idea of the whens, whats, whys and hows of the project.

     Adjust your mindset

This is key for any disruptive time in your life. Yes, it will be tough. But does it have to be horrible? No, not really. You can enjoy this time, if you have the right attitude to do so. Once you’re well prepared and have found someone you can trust, you’re in a good position to approach the home improvement process with calmness. Share your thoughts and fears with your family, too, so you can help each other out.

And when in doubt, find another solution! If you truly cannot imagine being at peace while your home is in turmoil, see if you can stay with a family member or friend for a few days. Or plan a weekend trip during that time to unwind. Whatever you need to do to feel like your normal self, to relax and stay happy, do it. That’s more important than making sure every last detail of your home improvement is perfect. 

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