Thursday, 1 August 2019

Pretty In Pink

Now before we begin, let me just say...this may well be the most narcissistic post title I've ever given to something I've written and I'm soooo not comfortable with that but hey...I'm writing about Pink hair, and I love an 80s movie. I almost called it Pink Hair Don't Care but I wanted to take the cliche level down a notch. So please let it slide. KThanks.

I remember the first time I set foot inside a hair salon, I was 15 years old.

I sat in the chair feeling a real combination of nerves and excitement.

As the hairdresser came over, put his hands on my shoulders and said "Right! What are we doing today then?!" I smiled coyly and mumbled something along the lines of "I'd really like to change the colour"

The hairdresser gasped dramatically and took a few steps backwards in mock surprise.

"CHANGE THE COLOUR?!" He exclaimed, "My darling, I don't think you understand. This is ash blonde hair! NATURAL ASH BLONDE hair! You NEVER dye natural ash blonde hair. Do you know how rich I'd be if I could bottle this colour?! Do you know how many people come in here asking me to create this colour every week?!"

He carried on like that for a while, with my Mum (who had also been determined that I wasn't changing the colour!) nodding along in agreement with him.

I can't remember what I actually had done that day....all I do know is, my hair stayed blonde!

And since always has.

Because even though I've so often wanted to change it, I always hear that voice in my mind... "You don't dye this colour away!"

Don't get me wrong...that natural ash blonde colour is long gone. Well its probably there somewhere under the years of highlights and low lights, but what I mean is...I did go lighter in the end. And sometimes darker.

But no matter what...I always stayed some sort of blonde. And it always stayed long.

I'd look at people with unusually coloured hair with envy, and I'd admire the girls with mid-length hair that hung around their shoulders and framed their faces in bouncy curls and waves. I've long felt the desire to take the hair thinning scissors to my own mop of super straight hair and add some texture to help me achieve that look!

My own super long hair felt lank, and lacked any real movement or life. And although the blonde felt natural to me, it was just never as exciting as those lovely colours I saw...galaxy hair, lilac hair, and...the ultimate dream...PINK hair.

I experimented once with dip dying the ends pink which I loved, and then you may recall that last summer I had Unicorn streaks put through it which I adored too - but still the overall colour remained blonde. I just couldn't let go of it, for some reason.

But this week, FINALLY, I did it!

I don't know why the time was right - perhaps because you need to find a hairdresser that you truly trust who makes you feel confident in her capabilities and at ease, or perhaps because it was one of the things on my 40 Before 40 bucketlist and time is running out!

But this week, I walked into a salon...and for the first time ever, I walked out with exactly what 15 year old me and every version of me since has really wanted - pink, shorter, curly, bouncy hair!

And I could not be more thrilled with it!

I feel more "me" somehow - even though I get a bit of a surprise when I catch sight of my reflection and realise that long blonde hair is gone.

I thought i'd probably only keep it this way for a little while, that I'd grow it back and be blonde again by summer...but honestly, I don't think I will. I feel like this is how it always should have been!

Like I said, a great hairdresser makes all the difference and when you manage to find one who is not only talented but also listens to exactly what you want and makes you feel comfortable - you stick with them. I found Melissa working in another salon last year, and have used her ever since - she is now working at a brand new salon in St Marychuch Torquay which I just have to tell you about.

Koots Salon is an eco friendly, ethical salon whose focus and mantra is "Happy clients, happy staff, great atmosphere" and honestly...this comes across so well in every aspect of their business.

From the cruelty free and vegan products they use, such as the Davines range,  their commitment to recycling and their provision of vegan refreshments - to the happy chatter and obviously strong bonds of friendship between the staff. This is a place you feel so very comfortable being.

I think we've all experienced those "glamour" salons of yesterday - were the staff seem to focus more on their own make up and outfits than they do on the comfort of their clients, and where you could cut the atmosphere between staff with a knife as that air of bitchiness hangs between them. The loud music usually pumps through the speakers destroying any chance of a bit of peace while you enjoy some pampering, and the emphasis on style over substance is clear. I know these were the kinds of salons I was also used to myself growing up...and I've always struggled to find anything else really.

Thankfully we seem to have entered a new era, where the trends have shifted from glamour and glitz to boho earthy vibes and a truly multi-sensory experience.

At Koots - the music is ambient rather than overpowering, the lighting and decor are earth toned and calming rather than bright and overpowering, and the mood is one of calmness, serenity and retreat from the outside world.

Every detail of the Koots experience has been thought out in depth, even their logo comes from the alchemical symbol for earth which represents the companies belief in sustainability and there is a personal link or story to be told about most aspects of their business. You can tell from speaking to any one of the staff there that this is more than just a money making venture to them, this is a true labour of love.

If you're local to the Torbay area (or even if you're not that local, they're still worth a trip in my opinion!) I highly recommend paying Koots Salon a visit. You'll be in for a real treat. I honestly think they are the best hairdresser in Torquay.

As for me, well I'll be back in a couple of months to have my colour topped up...a signature colour created by Jess and Melissa at Koots by blending products and tones together... they call the colour "Pink Lemonade".

So if you fancy grabbing yourself a Pink Lemonade too, you know what to ask for...but if you have own ideas, head down there and have a consultation and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you achieve your desired look...I honestly think that Scot, Jess,  Melissa and the team have magical powers when it comes to hair!

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