Thursday, 15 February 2018

Siblings In February

When I knew that we'd have been to Disneyland before our monthly Siblings photo were due this year, I thought I'd be sorted for photos for once as in my head I imagined all of the gorgeous photo opportunities I'd have as my little trio of happy smiley boys skipped  down Main Street USA together hand in hand toward Sleeping Beautys Castle....providing me with the perfect backdrop for some well-lit, dreamy photos displaying their sibling relationship at its finest.

Then, of course, I realised that no....those photos belong on some others blogger feed. Someone with the ability to direct their children, whose children will actually listen to what they're being asked to do, or will even just play nicely together uninstructed for long enough to allow their mama to get the camera out and focused before it all descends into arguments and tears which she inevitably has to drop the camera in order to referee.

But no...not in my circus, not with my monkeys.

It didn't help that our Disneyland trip coincided with the most snowfall Paris has seen in years and so we spent most of the time trying our best not to fall over on our arses and too scared to get the cameras out (we've broken cameras in Disneyland before!), and it also didn't help that it stayed dark a LOT too. Or that one of the 3 boys was REALLY not a fan of the snow (Sailor!) instead, here we are once again....with dark photos, taken last minute! Oh well....why change the habit of a lifetime now?!

So as for the boys relationship this month, it's been much the same as it was last mon
th - I'm thinking about maybe doing these updates quarterly from now on as they don't seem to change so dramatically from one month to the next any more and it would also give me more time to capture photos more naturally too. But we'll see.

Tyne & Noah are still flitting between being the very best of friends and playing really nicely together, and being sworn enemies who are forever fighting and making each other cry. I can't imagine that this will change any time soon despite my best efforts to encourage them to get along.

The thing with Tyne & Noah is that they are such different characters - the mistake people (me included) often make when having children of the same gender is to believe that this automatically means they'll have shared interests and be firm friends, but this is not the case at all for my boys.

And it shouldn't surprise me as the same was the case for my sister & I for our entire childhoods - yes we were two girls but we could not have had more different characters. I was the epitome of a "girly girl" - I loved playing dolls and dressing up, I was into make up and anything glitzy, and I loved singing and dancing. My sister was more into climbing trees, going to karate, and playing with cars. We found little common ground when it came to playing together.

Tyne & Noah are just the same - Tyne loves playing lego, soldiers and nerf gun wars. Noah loves playing princesses, wearing pretty dresses and putting on dance shows.

The plus side is that they HAVE started to find some ways to merge their games more often - usually they'll play a game where Tyne is the cop arresting Noah's Elsa for something or other - but any game played together is better than none!

Sailor is fitting in well to both of his brothers games at the moment and plays well with them both - he loves playing rough and tumble games with Tyne, and also loves donning a Princess dress to play with Noah too. He is super close to Noah though, who he calls "Noo Noo" and he always looks for him whenever he's out of sight for even a second.

They're certainly getting more and more active as they get older, and there is never a dull moment with these three little boys of mine around - that's for sure!

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