Thursday, 22 February 2018

Your Blueprint for Handling Flight Delays

Unfortunately, cancellations and flight delays are something that can happen to all of us. The more often you take to the skies, the more likely it is that you'll eventually encounter a problem. While there's not much you can do to stop these issues from happening altogether, it's worth noting that there are things you can do to keep your cool while you're at the airport.
In this post, we're going to look at just some of the things you can do to make sure that you're prepared to handle the confusion and frustration of a flight delay with efficiency and success. Keep this tips in mind whenever you arrive at an airport.

1.     Focus on What Matters

When your airline announces a delay or cancellation, the first thing you need to do is figure out what matters most to you. Do you need to ensure that you've got a connection booked for the next stage of your journey, or do you need to tell your partner that they don't need to pick you up straight away? Maybe you have to call your boss and inform them that you might be late for a client meeting.
By prioritizing what you need to handle first, you can keep your concentration on what matters, and ensure that you don't get distracted by what other people are doing around you.

2.     Stay Calm and Collected

Flight delays and cancellations are frustrating - that's an obvious fact. However, it's important to make sure that you keep your cool if you want to improve your chances of success in the long-term. The chances are that it's not the staff's fault that your flight has been canceled, and the people you speak to will be more eager to help you if you're polite than if you're shouting at them in front of a crowd of angry passengers.

3.     What Makes You So Special?

While we all like to think of ourselves as special cases, it's worth considering whether there might be any unique, and genuine considerations that apply to you in a flight delay situation. For instance, are you going to run out of medication soon that could put your life at risk?
On the other hand, maybe you're a member of a VIP club that could give you access to comfortable lounge locations when you're trying to get a handle on your flight plans.

4.     Find a Place to Take a Break

Whether you have access to a VIP lounge or not, it's worth looking for a place where you can sit down and relax for a few moments if you're feeling overwhelmed. Science tells us that stress can become more significant when we're surrounded by groups of angry people. This is because we end up in a sort of "group" mentality.
Either check out the pay-for-entry lounges around the airport if you're not flying on a business-class or VIP ticket or simply look for a quiet area to wind down. Remember, airport lounges often include Wi-Fi, television, and showers, so they can be a great way to refresh if you're going to be waiting for several hours.

5.     Find an Alternative Route

When your flight is delayed or canceled, one of the first things you need to do is speak to an airline representative about your options. These experts are on-hand to help you find an alternative route to your destination as quickly as possible, and they can even give you useful information about compensation and refunds too.
However, you can always give your airline a head-start by looking for other options on their behalf. Download a travel app or use an alternative website to find out whether any local companies are also booking flights to your chosen destination. Finding out whether you can fly with another airline should mean that you can arrive at your chosen location faster. Many airlines will be willing to book you an alternative flight.

6.     Look for Compensation Opportunities

Finally, remember that it's important to keep track of your options when it comes to traveling. Check your travel insurance as quickly as possible to see what's covered in your situation and whether there's a specific paper trail you'll need to provide.
Remember to check the small print on your ticket too, as not all airlines will agree to give you the same level of help when it comes to getting your money back. If you're not sure what your compensation opportunities will be, you can always look for details on the airline website, or ask for information from a service rep.

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