Saturday, 31 March 2018

Dear Noah, Now You're 3..

Noah Reve,

My middle one. My wild one. My most headstrong one. My free spirit.

Today you turn 3 years old.

I know most parents say that they can't believe their little ones have gotten so big so quickly, I feel exactly that way about both of your brothers...but there's something different with you. I don't know quite what it is, but somehow I feel amazed that you are ONLY going to be 3 today.

You seem so much older than your years...I don't know whether it's because you talk so well and so much and have done for so long, or whether it's because you have the sass and attitude of a much older child....or whether it's just that you're an old head on young shoulders.

But whatever it makes it very hard to believe that you're not turning 4 at least! Although if anybody asks you how old you're going to be today, you proudly announce "8! I'm going to be 8 on my birthday!" before turning to your big brother and whispering "I'm gonna be bigger than you Tyney"....

You do so love to wind him up in any way that you can! You also love to copy everything he does of course, and you hero worship him as much now as you did when you were tiny. He's not always the most receptive person to your adulation but you guys have started to get along far better lately which is really nice.

You and your little brother Sailor have the most adorable relationship ever though, and you love to play mother to rush over to soothe him when he gets upset, you stroke his leg and say "there there, its ok! its ok!" when he cries, and you always have your arm around. Quite often you announce "I just love you Sails!" out of the blue, too.

You are a super affectionate little boy and you show so much empathy too - a few days ago when your brother had tipped a box of lego out that Daddy was tidying away, you walked over to him and put your hand on his shoulder. You sighed and said "I feel sorry for you Daddy". When he asked you why, you said "because you have to clean up our mess and it's just not fair for you". I've never really known a child of 2 to have that sort of empathy for somebody, and it's all part of what makes you seem so much more grown up than you are.

For at least the last year or so, your main love in life has been Queen Elsa from're partial to most of the Disney princesses actually, but Elsa is your firm favourite and you are rarely to be found not wearing an Elsa dress! usually an Elsa wig and shoes too!

You know every word to Let It Go, and you love to perform it for an audience. You act out scenes from the movie, and you are pretty good at it! You have a flair for fashion and creating outfits from your dress up box and you have SO MUCH SASS and flounce when you wear them too!

You LOVE to strike a pose whenever you see a camera, infact I don't know where you get it put me to shame with the posing you can pull off!

You're such a funny, charming little character Noah - so quirky and so entertaining, and always so loveable and affectionate too.

I can't wait to see how your personality grows and develops this year.

I hope you have the best third birthday ever, my little Princess boy.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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