Monday, 5 March 2018

Spread A Little Sunshine With TreatBox

With the weather being so rubbish lately, I've been feeling in need of a bit of a pick me you can imagine my delight when this gorgeous box of delicious sweets and treats dropped through my door this morning!

Is it just me or is there something about receiving something nice in the mail that can really lift your mood?

A few years ago, I signed up a number of subscription boxes aimed at women in their 20s - they were mostly full of beauty bits and pieces, and honestly I SO looked forward to them arriving each month. There was something so nice about the element of surprise involved....receiving a pretty package just for me and tearing it open to see what was inside was such a great way to cheer up my day!

But once I became a mother, I soon found that I just didn't have the time to dedicate to as many pamper-evenings or the occasions to go out and use new lipstick shades and eye colours so the products were sitting unused in the boxes month after month until eventually I cancelled them all.

And while I haven't missed the products, I have missed that surprise box of goodies coming in the post each month. That special treat just for me.

This month however, I was introduced to a brand new subscription box which is SO much more up my street.

Introducing...the TreatBox!

TreatBox is a subscription service delivering exactly what it says on the tin box - treats! A selection of treats from the highest quality European and American brands each month.

There are 6 different types of TreatBox to choose from - Retro sweets which contain 6 surprise 100g bags of Retro childhood sweet shop favourites, The Chocolate Lovers Treatbox which contains some of the finest chocolates from the highest quality brands around, The Candy Lovers Treatbox which contains a surprise mix of candy treats from jelly beans and tuck shop favourites to boiled sweets from yesteryear, TreatBox Full Of Bars which contains a fabulous selection of chocolate bars from around the world, Finest Belgian Chocolate TreatBox which contains 24 individual luxury chocolates and the Liquorice Lovers TreatBox which contains a variety of Liquorice treats from across the globe!

The great thing about TreatBox is that you can switch between the boxes at any time - so if one month you fancy a Chocolate Lovers TreatBox and the next you fancy switching to a Candy Lovers TreatBox - you can!

You can also pause your subscription whenever you want to, or choose to gift your box to a friend one month too - handy if you have a birthday to buy for!

TreatBox is a great way to try some new and exciting flavours and brands that you haven't come across before, and it's the perfect postal pick me up - whether you subscribe as an ongoing treat for yourself or if you just fancy sending a one off box as a pick me up for a friend who's down in the dumps!

TreatBox makes the perfect one off gift as you can include a personal message with your box too.

If you fancy giving it a try, don't forget to use the code TREATME to get 20% off your first box.

You can sign up or find out more at or alternatively give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with news and offers!

*With thanks to Treatbox for collaborating with us on this post, all words and thoughts are my own

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