Wednesday, 28 March 2018

To Tyne On Your 5th Birthday

Dear Tyne,

My biggest of 3 little boys...all so very different, I can't believe that you are now 5 years old!

In some ways it feels like it's only a matter of months since you were born, a tiny little 6lbs 13 oz baby too small even for the Tiny Baby sized clothes we'd bought for you.

In other ways, it feels as though you've been around forever...I can hardly remember what life was like before you!

I do remember when I was pregnant with you, I was sitting with your Dad in our living room and a feeling of panic about your impending arrival set in.

I suddenly felt terribly unsure about how much I was going to enjoy being a parent. I loved children, don't get me wrong, I'd worked with them for years and I was very used to being around them - but it suddenly struck me that evening how intense it was all going to be.

I spoke of how I worried that I'd simply get bored of you! That I wouldn't be able to deal with a child always being there...I worried about how I loved spending time with my nieces but at the same time I also felt really ready for them to go home after a few hours, and I panicked about whether I'd feel that way with you. I just couldn't imagine how different things feel with my own child.

Now I look at you and I laugh when I recall those worries, If there's one thing you could never be - it's boring!

You're so inquisitive, so eager to learn with such a wide variety of interests - right now you're really interested in World War 2, Ancient Egypt, The Romans and you still have a real love for the police and anything to do with cops & robbers.

You are still insistent, as you have been for a couple of years now, that you want to be a policeman and a judge when you grow up but a few new occupations have been added in to the mix as well...You tell us that you're going to be a VERY busy grown up because you'll be working as a policeman in the day time, an armed guard at Buckingham Palace protecting the Queen at weekends, and that every now and then you'll also work as a spy too...but when you get "very very old" you'll stop all of that to be a judge!
You tell me "I don't think I'll have much time to visit you Mummy, because I'll have such a lot of jobs but I'll try to come home and see you sometimes"!!

You weren't too keen on turning 5 this year, just as you were a bit unhappy about turning 4 last year! You seem to get very attached to being a certain age and you worry about growing up and getting older, but a few reminders about all of the cool things you can do when you're 5 soon cheer you up!

We celebrated your birthday with a pirate themed party at a hall locally, and it was great fun! You spent the day in a state of HIGH excitement from dawn until dusk...infact you literally stayed up until midnight, determined to squeeze every second out of your birthday that you could! Every time we mentioned going to bed, you'd argue "But I AM the birthday boy so can't I choose when to go to bed just for today?!" You certainly know how to milk the birthday privileges, I'll give you that!

You  seem more and more grown up all the time...your latest thing is to perform raps and try to beatbox!! And you no longer have any interest in the Nick Jr or CBeebies tv shows you used to watch...these days the only channel you watch is Cartoonito and it's all about Teen Titans and Gumball! You're a definite gamer in the making too, and you spend more time playing things like Boys craft, Minecraft, and Lego games on your Nintendo DS than you do watching YouTube kids these days...although you're still very partial to watching gaming YouTubers like FGTeev and Dennis!

 I feel like it was only 5 minutes ago that you were singing nursery rhymes and watching Thomas the Tank engine on repeat...where does the time go?!

I hope you had a lovely birthday sausage...and I wonder if this might be the last year that we get away with calling you sausage without you complaining about it!

I hope you have a wonderful time being 5, I can't wait to see what adventures we get up to this year.

Lots of Love,

Mummy xxx

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