Sunday, 8 April 2018

5 Reasons why moving to Australia seems very appealing

Between the recent poor weather, poor economy, poor job market, knife and gun crime on the rise, and post Brexit blues, some of my family have been talking about moving. No big deal you might think, but then my family can be a bit extreme. You see when my family discuss such things it can never be just to another part of the county, or even Europe-They have to go the whole hog and emigrate to Australia.

This is something which would previously have filled me with dread (and still does-I mean have you seen the size of the spiders!!) but having heard their argument for doing so, I can see why such an upheaval would be appealing to more adventurous souls than me. Now whilst I can never see me upping sticks and leaving the UK, many are taking the plunge and doing so.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

With it's unique fauna and flora, Australia is a nature lovers paradise.

It's not just the natural inhabitants of the country that make it so special however, it's also the country and surrounding oceans themselves.

From Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) to the Gold Coast, from the Snowy Mountains to the Little Sandy Desert, the environment is a largely untouched Eden. With so much to see and explore, who wouldn't love living there?

Economy and the Jobs Market

Being in a prime location between the US, India, and the Far East, Australia has become a bit of an IT and technological innovation hub. Graduates and scholars are flocking here rather than previous locations as the chance to foster idea's and idealise new innovations grows without the constraint's previously held in place in 'the Old World'.

It's not just technology undergraduates making the move however, as many others are choosing to advance their career or make a new career move down under. Any nation with a growing population needs new skills and experienced worker to allow it to grow. Careers in healthcare, tourism, education, skilled and unskilled labour, are just some of the employment opportunities available. 

The cost of living is often regarded as being high, but with wage levels being on average twice that of the US for comparable jobs, plus a higher standard of living makes the move seem like a very tempting proposal.

Better working conditions, fewer hours for more pay, and a higher standard of job satisfaction are all huge temptations for anyone considering migration to Australia.

Public Transport and Accessibility

So you've made the leap, landed the new job in the new country, but will it be a return to the norm with the dreaded commute and school runs?

As, what is largely regarded as being, a 'New' country, Australians want to keep it that way-it's a protected environment and huge steps are being taken to keep it's environment unspoiled.

One such step is the availability of public transport. Like many other nations, Australia is encouraging people to leave the car at home. Unlike many other nations however, public transport is by and large affordable, accessible and reliable. This means commuting and school run times are vastly reduced making for a happier, less stressed healthier workforce and populace in general. Add to this travelling by bus, train or even air nationally or internationally is a far more pleasant experience than many of us encounter daily.  


Now Australia does not claim to be a crime free Utopia, like any other nation crime does exist there.
Unlike many other nations however it does have very strict gun and drug control laws. 

In the wake of the wave of recent knife crime here in the UK and gun crime soaring in the US, many parents are emigrating largely on the basis of protecting their children.

Statistics for crime levels throughout Australia are readily available via Google, but for specific answers to legal enquiries specialist advice is recommended. Companies such as Prime Lawyers can provide advice on legal matters and years of expertise in this field should it be required.


Australia prides itself on being at the cutting edge of both public and private healthcare.

Most hospitals boast state of the art equipment and medical facilities. Waiting lists are considerably shorter than here in the UK and staffing levels are higher per capita. Although a Health card system is in place, should you not own one, state healthcare is provided.

So all things considered, it's easy to see why Australia is quite an appealing prospect for a move abroad. What do you think? Would you fancy a life in Oz or is there no place like home?!
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