Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Fathers Day Gift Inspiration

With Fathers Day just around the corner, I thought it was time I started trying to find a bit of inspiration for gifts because in all honesty? My Fathers Day gift giving usually leaves a lot to be desired!

My own Dad has always been the kind who wants to same old bottle of whiskey year after year, so I never really had to get very creative with the whole Choosing Gifts For Men thing - but with the boys being so young, I'm responsible for choosing a nice gift to give to their Dad to say thank you for all he does for them through the year - and I'm pretty rubbish at it! Infact last year...he didn't get anything. Whoops!

So I feel the need to make up for it this year and make more of a fuss.

I've been doing a bit of Internet Window Shopping for inspiration so I thought I'd share my ideas with you incase you're stuck too.

As it's worked out, it's looking like we might actually be out of the country this Fathers Day so that adds another element of difficulty to things!

However, I've come across a company called Tinggly who specialise in offering gift experiences across the globe and it just so happens that they have a very impressive selection of gift experiences for men to choose from. It works much the same as most experience gifts in that you're given a gift box to present to the lucky recipient, and they then have the freedom to chance to choose the gift experience that suits them most but the difference is that Tinggly experiences are offered all over the world - so although you CAN choose activities close to him such as Kite Buggying Lessons in Cornwall or Lunch cruises on the Thames, you can also choose to cash in your experience voucher for something more far flung too.

This would work really well with us being away on holiday over Fathers Day and there are some really amazing sounding experiences to choose from too - James Bond Island Sightseeing Experience anyone?! That should certainly score me some points!

Another idea I've been mulling over is a subscription box of some sort - I myself have a chocolate subscription box and it always cheers me up when it arrives each month, so I think my other half would really enjoy something along the same lines. He's quite a fan of coffee, and there are a fair few coffee subscription boxes to choose from!

I'm always a fan of anything sentimental on Mothers Day and sometimes I think we don't give Dads enough credit for being touched by thoughtful gifts, so I've been thinking about getting something to tug at the heart strings like this lovely lego canvas? It'd be particularly apt as my boys love playing Lego with their Daddy!

And of course, it's not just my other half and my own Dad that I need to buy for - I also need to get something cute from my boys to their Grandfather too! I've just stumbled across this  keyring from Not On The High Street and I think it might be the perfect thing - how adorable is that?!

What will you be treating your Dad or your childrens father to this Fathers Day? Ideas always welcome!

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