Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Siblings In May

You know how people say they look forward to the baby stage being over with, because it's so much easier once the children are a little older and more independent?

I'd just like to point out that when you have 3 boys who were all born within the space of 3 years...that is not true!

The baby days actually seem to have lulled me in to a false sense of security about how straight forward it was going to be to manage this little trio of tearaways! Things were SO MUCH EASIER when they couldn't all run off in three different directions at once, when they weren't all quite so vocal about their different desires and when they were too little to argue every minute of every day!

So if you're a fellow mum of 3 in 3 years, and you're in that baby stage...don't wish it away. Lap it up. Because when the youngest one hits the terrible twos...it becomes far more tricky!

I'm sure, of course, that there are parents out there with teenagers who are laughing their heads off at me right now and thinking "You think it's tough now...just you wait girlie!" and I'm sure they'd be correct...I can't even think about how much more stressful it's going to be when they're bigger and stronger, when their disagreements are more physical, when their appetites are impossible to cater for and when they're out until all hours of night making me sick with worry!

I go through almost an entire packet of bananas every day as it is, how am I going to feed these growing boys when they're 15,16 and 17 for Goodness sake?!

But don't get me wrong...it's not all bad news. Infact, despite how hectic life with three boys is. Despite the chaos, and the unbelievably high energy levels, and the incredible amount of noise they can make - they are also the MOST fun.

Their personalities are all really showing now and it's incredible how different they all are.

Tyne is the stereotypical boy in many ways - he loves anything to do with soldiers and cowboys, he loves scary films and sharks, he's headstrong and he's always getting a bit too rough with the little two. But he's also got the most incredible sense of humour, and he's so sensitive and thoughtful in so many ways too. He's a deep thinker, for sure and his level of intelligence for his age constantly surprises me.

Noah is the exact opposite of Tyne when it comes to his interests - he loves anything to do with princesses and mermaids, his favourite colour is pink, he spends most of his time wearing dresses and wigs and bugging me to paint his nails a different colour. He's also got the silliest sense of humour, he loves to dance and perform, and he's so caring towards his brothers...even though they don't always show the same care and consideration back.

And then there's Sailor...the reluctant baby of the bunch...who is so absolutely determined to grow up before his time. He's fiercely independent - just try and cut his dinner up and you'll soon see how much! He has to do EVERYTHING for himself, he wants no help at all and he demands to be treated exactly as his brothers are. He wants no allowances made for his younger age!

 He's the "crazy" one of the bunch - always throwing himself at you, always diving off the sofa and pretending it's his "pirate ship", and always trying to make people laugh. He's also forever walking around in his Doc McStuffins outfit and "treating" his cuddly toys for this or that...in fact we found one of his poor cuddlies with it's arm cut off yesterday as it was apparently the only way to "fix it"! (I do hope he doesn't grow up to be a Dr or we could end up with a medical negligence claim on our hands!)

Between the three of them, they have us run ragged. They are like dogs that need running every day to burn off the excess energy, and they never run out of enthusiasm or get tired. 

They are an absolute handful, but they are hilarious and adorable and I wouldn't change a single thing about them.

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