Thursday, 31 May 2018

Us In May

So there are just a few hours of May 2018 left and once again I find myself wondering where the month went.

It's been a bit of an unusual month around here - it started off pretty slow, although we enjoyed some lovely family days out to the Brixham Pirate Festival (Which has become a bit of a family tradition every year!) and the beach on some of the gorgeous sunny days we've had. And then the last half of the month was gone in a flash!

I headed off on my first ever little holiday without Jon or the boys, setting sail on a 3 night mini cruise with my sister (I'll be blogging about that more soon!)

And straight after that, I headed off with Jon & the boys to Disneyland Paris for our second visit of the year. It probably seems like we're always going there and that probably seems a bit daft, but because this is the last year that the two youngest boys will be free at Disneyland Paris we decided to indulge in some annual passes - so we're having a fair few trips this year to make the most of them!

I LOVE visiting Disneyland, and I always really look forward to it but I have to be honest - this time I really wasn't that excited about it! I think it's because it was immediately after my mini cruise (as in...the day I got off the ship we headed straight for the Eurostar!) so it felt a bit daunting and manic to have so much travelling in such a short space of time, and I just wasn't really in the mood for it.

I'd also convinced myself that the boys were going to be a nightmare when we were travelling, and that they were going to drive me mad during the holiday too - in all honesty they quite often do in Disney! The combination of long queue times, big crowds, their very different interests and long days can make for some pretty epic tantrums and there's something about being in the "happiest place on Earth" surrounded by hundreds of happy children that makes a tantrum feel 10 times worse than usual!

But, typically, this time - they surprised me! I'm not saying that they had ZERO tantrums for the whole week - if that had happened I'd be declaring it an actual miracle - but they had FAR fewer than usual, and - dare I say it - they actually got on pretty well most of the time, and we managed to have a really lovely time! The weather was also on side, the travel all went really smoothly, and I actually really enjoyed both holidays to the max. 

So all of our family photos this month were taken in Disneyland - and because the only time that we could get a photo of all 5 of us was when we were doing a character meet and could ask the cast member to take one for us (because sod carrying a tripod around with us!) - each of them has a Disney character crashing it! 

But I love them all, even the one above with Jessie which reminds me of how Tyne acted like an absolute horror for the entire queue time and and how ,when we walked away, Noah shouted loudly "She's not the real Jessie, it's just a mask!" It still makes me smile. 

And the one below, where we spent almost an hour queuing up in the blazing heat to meet Peter Pan & Wendy only for Sailor to go in to absolute melt down mode the second we got to the front of the line, scream bloody murder and refuse to look at them!

This Month, I Have Been Loving:

* Making more time for reading - I finished "Wonder" which is the first book I've read in full this year despite starting about 8 of them, and yesterday I read the whole of "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" in less than 12 hours! It was AMAZING! I haven't read so much in years and I love getting back in to it.

*Going to my spiritualist group every week and learning new things - this week it was aura reading which was really interesting!

*Having lots of me time and time with my sister on our little Mums Break...we're hoping to maybe even make it a yearly thing! *fingers crossed*

Jon Has Been Loving:

*The chance to explore different places and have some nice long drives out in the countryside

*The McDonalds tastes of america range being back...simple pleasures!

Tyne Has Been Loving:

*Practising his rapping skills

*Watching FGTeev at every given opportunity and talking about it nonstop

*Demanding only "cold dinners" every night....which is fun.

*Learning about Dinosaurs as his home ed topic for the month

Noah Has Been Loving:

*Appraising the outfits of passersby far too loudly for Mummy's liking (Cringe!)

*Putting makeup on his dolls all the time to give them "Makeovers"

*Putting on shows for us to watch

Sailor Has Been Loving:

*Watching anything involving Jack Sparrow and playing Pirates

*Cuddling his "Mickey Sparrow" pirate cuddly every night

*Dancing constantly

So that's been our May, I hope it's been a good one for you and yours! Let's see what June has in store!

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