Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Peace Of Mind With Aviva's FREE Parent Cover

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You know that horrible feeling you get in your tummy when you see your child fall down?

You feel as though your stomach lurches and it's as though time has somehow frozen and you're watching them fall to the ground in slow motion. Wanting to stop it from happening but not being able to reach them in time, anxious about how badly they're going to be hurt.

And then once they land and they cry out for you, there's that horrible feeling of wanting to be able to make it all better right away...wanting to ease their pain and just make it stop, but knowing you're pretty much limited to a wet paper towel and a magic kiss!

Well that's how I felt when, on my way to A & E in the back of an ambulance last December.

That horrible lurching feeling in my stomach...obviously worried about what was going to happen to me, but more concerned about what would happen to my boys if something truly terrible was to take place.

But the difference was...there was no feeling of comfort to come.

Because that was the moment I realised that I had no life insurance policy in place.

And as the working parent in our family, without me - what would happen to my boys?

We don't own our home, there aren't any savings to speak of - without me around to earn a living and put a roof over their heads, what would happen?

I remember spending the rest of that night laying on my stretcher in A & E waiting to be seen by a Dr and frantically googling Life Insurance Policies...in the ridiculous hope that maybe I could sort something then and there!

Luckily of course, nothing bad did happen that night and within a few days I was back home with the boys again safe and sound. But it shook me up, and the very next day I finally got a policy in place.

The thing is, I had always intended to have life insurance in place. But when you have a child, life tends to suddenly start moving at 100 miles per hour.
 There's always something to do, always somewhere to be. There's always so much to think about and suddenly you're running on a few hours of broken sleep, you're exhausted and run ragged...and without meaning to, things like this can quietly fall down your list of priorities...and remain there, forgotten about.I had 3 babies in the space of 3 years, and so it's fair to say that baby brain really took its toll on me!

Which is why, when I heard about Aviva's FREE life insurance policies for new parents - I was 100% behind the idea.
As a first step towards helping parents to protecting their new families, Aviva are offering new parents £15,000 of life insurance cover for FREE - there's no strings attached, no purchase necessary and you don't even need to hand over your debit or credit card details!

You can take out the plan at any time from the day your child is born to before their 4th birthday, and the cover lasts for 12 months.What's more - both parents can actually take the insurance out, that’s £30,000 of cover in place for each child. The cover applies to each child under 4, and it takes just a few minutes to apply (you can even apply on your mobile or tablet!).I wish I'd known about this myself as it would have made my night in A & E a lot less worrying - just to have the knowledge that my boys would have some help in place and not have to worry about rent or bills for a short time, and they didn’t need to suffer any more of an upheaval than was necessary.

It's never nice to think about these sorts of happening, but as a parent it's our responsibility not to bury our heads in the sand and to make sure that our children are going to be looked after whatever happens - which is why I think it's fantastic that Aviva are offering parents such an amazing gift as a starting point to help with some peace of mind.

To start your own Free Parent Life Cover with Aviva, just click here to read more.

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