Friday, 15 June 2018

Siblings In June

 Life with the boys this month has been pretty much the same as it always is....hectic.

And their relationship has been much the same as it always is...unpredictable and ever-changing!

There's never a way to tell how any given day is going to go with them - one day Tyne & Noah will be the most hardened of enemies, and the next they'll be playing together like angels and acting like besties.

The easiest one to predict (and just the easiest one in every way, in all honesty!) is Sailor...he's always the favoured choice with his both of his brothers! He & Noah still have a super close, almost twin-like relationship - they're almost always together, and one is always looking for the other if they happen to be apart for a few minutes.

They never call each other by their actual names - instead Sailor calls Noah "Noo Noo" and Noah calles Sailor "Say" - they sit together on the sofa chatting, or spend their time playing dolls together or putting on dance shows, and it very rarely ever descends into drama. If it occasionally does, its usually Noah throwing a strop because Sailor is playing with a doll he wanted or wearing a dress up costume he wanted to wear...but it's quickly resolved and they're best friends again within seconds!

The relationship between Sailor & Tyne is similar - Tyne dotes on his baby brother, and loves getting him involved in his games. He happily shares toys with him (most of the time!) and loves to cuddle him and declare him "the cutest!" - Sailor is getting more and more interested in the things that Tyne likes lately, things like Pirates, Jack Sparrow and Batman and so they naturally tend to play together more now. Sailor is still not the most willing of cuddle recipients though, much to Tyne's dismay!

The complicated relationship is still the one between Noah & Tyne. As I've said a million times before, they are like chalk and cheese.

One is in to Minecraft, zombies and Horrible Histories, knights and pirates - the other is all about mermaids & unicorns, Princesses and makeovers, and dressing in Elsa outfits.

So it's rare that they have any desire to play together as their interests are just so different - but when they're out and about, they DO love to do one thing - chase each other around and wrestle/play fight!

It drives me insane, of course. They're forever yanking on each others clothes, slapping each other, kicking and wrestling each other to the ground - and I spend all of my time telling them to stop it and leave each other alone - but when I actually take a minute to look at them, the pair of them are laughing while they're doing it and clearly both loving it!

Which in a way? Is nice to see! It's rare they play and laugh together, and I want to encourage it. But does it HAVE to be while they're fighting and being rough with each other?! Really boys?!

The three of them are absolute energy machines - they never tire, they need constant entertainment, and a constant supply of snacks - they're cheeky, loud and absolutely exhausting!

Life with three of them so close in age is manic, and it's only when we're in places like Disneyland and you notice people double take when looking at you or when people come out and say "That's a lot of little kids!" or ask you if they're triplets that you actually realise it.

But I can't deny that when they're not driving me insane and making me pull my hair out, they're a lot of fun and they can always cheer me up!

As you can see from the below photos, they bounce off each other and love to run rings around me...this was them deliberately trying to ruin my attempts at getting a nice group shot of them!

I know it's a cliche, but I wouldn't change their craziness for the world and as the saying goes - if you think my hands are full, you should see my laundry basket heart!

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