Thursday, 7 June 2018

Surviving Messy Meal Times With Baby Wings

Having had 3 babies in the space of 3 years, we've found our way through an awful lot of baby products! In fact I'm confident in saying that we've probably tried almost every sort of product on the baby and child market at one time or another!

Most of them have been things we've had little to no use for...things like nappy bins, sound machines, lullaby bears and so on which either the boys didn't take to or we just didn't need.

But there have also been the hero products - the ones we just can't do without, the ones that we rely on to get us through the days. And by the time we got to our third baby...we'd managed to whittle those down to a select few.

One of those products was a bucket bib! Our boys are not exactly the tidiest of eaters and Sailor, our youngest, in particular can make quite the impressive mess at meal times! More often than not we've taken to stripping him off entirely at meal times in an effort to save his clothes from being ruined, but it's not exactly practical to do that when we're out and about which is where the bucket bibs come in SO handy!

Our bucket bibs are from Baby Wings - a company who design functional and funky baby products designed with 5 key factors in mind - that all of their items work well, look great, are affordable, are totally safe (compliant with US and EU standards) and that babies love them...they even offer a 100% no quibble money back guarantee!

I love the cute colours and designs of our bucket bibs, and the soft silicone is lovely and comfortable for Sailor to wear - it's far less rigid than other bibs we've had but is still effective at doing its job, catching all of spills and keeping him clean! Meaning less time for me to spend cleaning up!

The bibs come in a set of two which I think is really handy as there's always one clean and ready to use, and they even come with heat-sensing cutlery too!

Baby Wings are offering 20% off their range until the end of July using the code HFMumMom - just visit to take a look!

Baby Wings are launching a campaign this June to celebrate Motherhood in all of it's glory - from next Monday they will be hosting a weekly giveaway on their social media pages, every week until 2nd July.

To enter just make sure you're following them on Facebook and Twitter.

*With thanks to Baby Wings for working with us on this post

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