Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Great Swimwear Options for Your 2018 Beach Holiday

If you are yet to go on holiday, no doubt you are planning to buy yourself some nice new swimwear, before you go. Refreshingly, most of the bigger retailers like are now catering for people of all shapes and sizes. Just read on and you will soon see what I mean.


It came as a bit of a surprise for to me to learn that one-piece swimming costumes are now officially more popular than bikinis. Nobody seems to be able to explain exactly why that is, but apparently there are 20% more one-piece costumes for sale online than there are bikinis. This is according to statistics provided by EDITED, which is a leading firm of retail analysts.

Right now, there is no single style of one-piece cut dominating. Although, there does appear to be a bit of a late 80s vibe going on. High cut legs and plunging necklines have been seen at most swimwear shows. But, if you want to cover up a bit more of yourself, do not worry because most shops are also selling more modest cuts.


The string bikini trend seems to have petered out completely.  They have all but disappeared from the shops. The fashion appears to have shifted in the opposite direction. High waisted bikini bottoms are especially easy to find. They are very flattering and are a great option if you feel a bit self-conscious..


If you want something in between a bikini and a one-piece, the tankini is ideal. This relatively new style of swimwear consists of a pair of bikini briefs combined with a stylish top half that looks very similar to a summer top. This is a very versatile style of swimwear, which is perfect for your holidays. Provided you choose the right one, you will be able to wear the top half in the evenings as well as to the beach. This is great if you are struggling to get everything you need into your suitcase.

Shaping swimwear

In the past decade, shapewear has come a long way. It is no longer thick, heavy and uncomfortable to wear. In fact, it is so lightweight that fashion designers have now found ways to incorporate it into swimwear. There are plenty of one piece swimming costumes available that have shapewear built in. Perhaps the only drawback with this style of costume is that getting them on and off is not easy. The best approach is to stretch everything slightly before you put it on and to let it mostly dry out before attempting to take it off after swimming.
Also, be careful to launder it properly. You can find out how here. Taking care when washing your shaping swimming costume will make a huge difference to how long it retains its elasticity.

Modest swim dresses

Swim dresses are another option. The fact that they incorporate a short skirt makes it easy for you to look stylish while covering up if you prefer to.

Buying swimwear for the kids

OK, so that is my roundup of women’s swimwear. If you want a swimming costume for the kids, you should find the recent guide that I wrote on that very subject quite helpful. You just need to click the link to be able to read it!

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