Thursday, 26 July 2018

Top 5 tips to dress your little one this summer

Summer has brought its usual temperature, and a lot of playtime outdoors. Therefore, you want your little one to be comfy and protected. We'll give you some suggestion to keep that little summer enthusiast ready for the upcoming hot days .

1.      Keep it minimal

Despite our natural instinct of covering our children in layers of clothing, you should resist the temptation, hot weather calls for light clothing. Just remember to use sleeveless dresses for girls, there are some amazing girls clothes, for them to be ready and stylish. Pull-on shorts and soft jersey for boys should be enough. Remember, they will be running and playing most of the day, their bodies need to be as cool as possible.

2.      Fun sunglasses

It is true that kids get bored really easily of wearing accessories that limit their capacity of moving, or that may fall off constantly, nevertheless, if they look up to their parents (and most of them do) and see them wearing sunglasses, they might wanna try to emulate their idols, especially if you tell them that you bought them those sunglasses to match up with yours, they might even want to go to sleep with them on.

3.      Use cotton

These summer days we are all at risk of overheating and this is something we have to cope with, a good way of doing this is by using cottoned fabric clothes, it lets the air reach the body and allows sweat to evaporate. It's the best fabric to keep your little one cool.

4.      Hats

As we mentioned before, it is sometimes difficult to make our kids keep their accessories on, this one in particular is going to prevent us from applying sunscreen every five minutes, you may appeal to the fact of how fabulous they look with that hat, in order to keep it on theirs heads. You can also get them a funny one, they may be more interested in keeping it on.

5.      Sandals

As obvious as it might seem, we sometimes forget how hot their feet can get, we can easily prevent this by getting them a really nice and resistant pair of sandals. It will also spare us the annoying tapping on their shoes to get the sand out.

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