Tuesday, 14 August 2018

4 Ways to Tell if your Dog is Depressed

Dogs don’t have an option to fully express their feelings, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. They do feel sad and depressed as well.
Although there are no much researches in this regard as there are for humans, there is some anecdotal evidence that point towards the sadness and depression in dogs.

Some symptoms are obvious, like a dog being slept for a whole day after another dog of the pack died. Others are not as obvious and straightforward.

So, how can you know if your dog is sad or going through depression? Well, there are several signs that can tell you if your dog is depressed – some of these signs are similar to the depression signs in humans.

Always Sleeping:

You may have heard that dogs sleep a lot. But if you own a dog, you might that it usually happens when the owner of the dog is not around or have gone.

Let’s say you leave your dog to go to work. Your dog slept and continues to sleep after you get back home and doesn’t react to your presence; the situation is alarming. It is a sign that something is terribly wrong with your dog.

Check the dog for any physical problems, but if you don’t find any while the symptoms continue, then chances are high that your dog is depressed.

However, this can be the other way around. Due to depression, your dog may become restless and have trouble sleeping.

Appetite Changes:

Some dogs, such as the Sheepadoodle, lose interest in their food – any type – and may lose weight as well if they are sad.
On the other hand, some dogs see solace in the food and continue to eat. These dogs, while depressed, want to eat more and more, and may gain weight.

Hiding and Avoidance:

There are many stories where dogs use to hide in a closet or under the bed. Typically speaking, this behavior points out towards either of two things; injury or illness.

Some dogs suddenly start behaving like they want to be left alone or hide from everyone. This is because something is bothering them. If they are neither ill nor injured, then it means that they have some emotional problem.


If your dog has suddenly started snapping, it means that there is something wrong with the dog. Aggression in dogs is usually a consequence of something else that has been bothering them.
Aggression comes in different levels, and you may need some time to observe the timings and patterns of aggression in your dog.

It could be anything from just growling to some serious fights with their best friend. Generally, dogs are not aggressive without any provocation, therefore, you need to check what could be the matter with your dog.

Most importantly, you don’t need to assume that your dog is depressed right away. The symptoms you might be thinking of as emotional are due to any physical problem or medical condition. To make it clear, take your dog to a vet as soon as you see some behavior changes in your dog. 

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