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Enjoying Dairy Again With MilkAid

Do you have a favourite sort of comfort food meal?

The kind that you instantly crave whenever you're feeling under the weather or when you're feeling a bit low for whatever reason?

I do. It's one I first discovered in my favourite little Italian restaurant back home in Liverpool - a dish they called Fettuccine Amalfi. It was fettuccine tossed with chicken breast, mushrooms, onions and spinach in a rich garlic cream sauce and topped with bubbling mozzarella cheese.

Honestly, it was heaven on a plate! I dream about that dish sometimes!

Unfortunately for me, the restaurant went out of business a few years back and I've never been able to find the dish served anywhere else (and trust me, every time I stumble across an Italian restaurant...I scour the menu for it!) but I played around with my own version of the recipe until I managed to create something that was pretty similar.

And whenever I feel blue or need a bit of soul food, it's my go to meal.

Unfortunately for me, however - the dish is not the healthiest. Infact it contains rather a lot of heavy cream! Now I don't mind the's worth it for the deliciousness of this dish!...but my tummy is not so keen on all that cream!

In actual fact, it was my love of this dish that led me to discover that I actually suffer with lactose intolerance.

I hadn't realised before as I haven't bought cows milk for quite a while now, and I don't eat much dairy usually but I noticed that whenever I had this meal - I paid for it the next day!

I would suffer the most painful stomach cramps, and the most awful bloating and upset tummy. And I started to notice that this happened every time I consumed dairy products.

It was when I was chatting about it to my other half, that he told me it sounded like a lactose intolerance...something he has suffered from since childhood himself.

I can't even tell you how devastated I was at the thought of giving up my favourite meal, and honestly...I still ate it from time to time, and just lived with the extremely unpleasant consequences but recently I was introduced to a new product which sounded like it just might hold the answer to all of my dairy-related problems!

Milkaid® drops contain lactase enzyme  that is designed to help lactose intolerance sufferers to enjoy dairy products again by breaking the problematic milk sugar lactose down into two more easily digestible sugars - glucose and galactose. You simply add 3 drops to a pint of milk, shake it well and refrigerate for 24 hours and it's ready to use in cooking, beverages or on cereal (hot or cold).

Three drops reduces the lactose by 70% - however for young children under 10, it is recommended that 10 drops are added to begin with which reduces the lactose by 100%. You can then reduce the number of drops added each time you use it, until you're down to that 70% reduction which most people find easily digestible.

There are also Milkaid® tablets which contain Lactase enzyme to improve lactose digestion. Milkaid® Tablets are designed to work in the acid environment of the stomach and are a much more convenient solution when eating out than the drops!

You just chew 1-2 tablets immediately before consuming any food containing lactose.

Now I don't drink dairy myself but my partner really enjoys cows milk, and so he put the Milkaid® drops to the test on my behalf and he was really shocked with the results!

He has always suffered particularly bad after effects from drinking cows milk, but using Milkaid® drops meant he was able to digest the milk on his cereal with no issues at all - he really did not expect the product to work at all and was completely floored when it did.

I then decided to try out the Milkaid®  tablets by preparing my beloved Fettuccine Amalfi. I took the recommended 2 tablets before eating (they are raspberry flavoured and were not at all unpleasant), and kept my fingers firmly crossed to see what happened.

Amazingly, they worked incredibly well! I did have some bloating the next day but this was probably more a result of the pasta element of the meal than the dairy content, and I had NONE of the gas or cramping I usually have following on from it. I can't believe how well Milkaid®  works and I'm so pleased to have found it! 

It's going to be a staple item in my purse whenever we go out for dinner from now on, and Jon is delighted to have been able to re-introduce cows milk to his diet thanks to the Milkaid®  drops. 

To find out more about Milkaid® 's products, please visit - you can purchase online at or from Holland & Barrett . MilkAid Drops 15ml are priced at

£15.99 and £12.99 for Milkaid Tablet form (120 tablets)

*With thanks to Milkaid®  for partnering with us on this post, all opinions and words are my own

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