Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Family Days Out With Oddbods & National Express

Last week, we were kindly invited along for a day out with the Oddbods in sunny Bournemouth - much to the surprise and delight of my 3 boys!

Incase you're unfamiliar with The Oddbods (um, where have you been?!) they are children's TV & YouTube favourites having amassed over 16 million views!!
 My boys are big fans, and were incredibly excited at the prospect of meeting off we went to Bournemouth!

We spent a bit of time enjoying the sights of Bournemouth Pier with the boys taking a ride on the Big Wheel (I sat it out because I'm far too much of a wimp!) and chilling on the beach, before jumping aboard a National Express coach which took us on a tour of the area.

The reason for the day out was to celebrate the introduction of Oddbods episodes to National Express' Vuer app - which enables children to watch Oddbods during their coach trip, making for a FAR easier and more relaxed coach journey on family days out I'm sure you'll agree!

Take a look at the video below:

The app was super quick and easy to use, and the Oddbods kept my boys thoroughly entertained throughout our half hour tour of Bournemouth - I'm sure it would have done the job for much longer too as I had to prize the phone out of their hands when it was time to get off!

Luckily we were headed for a lovely buffet lunch on the pier, where we got to meet none other than the Oddbods themselves - so the tears at giving up the phone didn't last for too long!

The boys were then treated to some lovely craft activities including making their own Oddbods headbands and pencil cases.

They really enjoyed their afternoon out, and have been taking their Oddbods cuddly toys to bed every night since - we've been watching lots of Oddbods at home too!

If you fancy taking a family day out then I highly recommend considering a National Express coach trip - not only are they very reasonably priced but the presence of the Vuer app and the Oddbods episodes makes it that bit more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone, there are even some special Oddbods City Guides to help you decide where to go and what to do while you're there which  the kids will love!

Thank you to the Oddbods for inviting us along, to find out more please visit

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