Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Siblings In August: How My Boys Are Doing Lately

Over the course of the summer, my 3 little boys seem to have each grown up a lot in their own ways.

And I'm SO pleased and relieved to say, after sharing a post about how poorly Tyne & Noah were getting along earlier on in the year, that things are finally running more smoothly between the three of them!

Infact more often than not now, the three of them play together really nicely and get along well the majority of the time.

I'm not sure when exactly this happened, I suppose it's one of those things that happens so gradually over time that you don't really notice the change until you stop and look back on how far they've come. But whenever and however it happened doesn't really matter...I'm just so glad that it did!

Don't get me wrong...they still have their moments. There will always be squabbles over toys, or someone will always get a bit too physical and I'll be called in to referee them. But it's a big improvement!

These days most of the trouble actually stems from Sailor. The baby of the bunch has found his voice over the past few months and seems to be keen to fight for his right to be heard by his older brothers. He's got quite a little scream on him when he throws a tantrum, and he is usually the one who is most likely to be sulking over something or pushing somebody...typically he dissolves in to puddles of tears every time he's even slightly told off, which is fun for me!

Thankfully though, he hasn't lost his cute side and he is still always the one most likely to make me laugh. He still speaks in that adorable baby-like way, and is always keen to be the clown amongst the three of them - doing silly dances and pulling faces to get a giggle out of people.

He's grown up so much this year, and his character is really shining through now - he's confident, silly and he has such a love for pirates! He is pretty convinced that he actually IS Captain Jack Sparrow and throws a bit of a wobbler if he's told he can't wear his pirate costume outside!

Noah seems more and more grown up every day lately too. He's shot up in height, and has grown out of that chubby toddler phase now...he looks more like a little boy than a baby these days, and whereas before people would always assume that he and Sailor were twins...they're now starting to think its Noah & Tyne instead.

He is still obsessed with all things Elsa, Princesses and Barbie and has such a love of fashion, make up and dressing up as well as music. He's full of sassy attitude just like he always has been, in those ways he hasn't really changed at all.

But he's started to want to be seen more as a big boy, he insists that he is a "grown up" and wants to be allowed all of the same grown up boy privileges that Tyne has such as stay ups, and Ipad time and so on (we have quite the heated arguments when he's told he's not allowed lollipops!).

He and Sailor are still as close as ever which is really nice and Noah still likes to baby Sailor and play mother hen to him, but he and Tyne are also becoming much closer and playing together much more often lately which is lovely.

Infact a couple of weeks ago, Noah asked if he could join Tyne's Tae Kwon Do class and he loves spending that time with him - he follows Tyne around the class like a little lap dog, and copies everything that he does. It's pretty adorable!

Tyne himself seems to have done the most growing up in recent months. I remember, from his 5th birthday through the few months that followed it, feeling like I'd almost forgotten the little boy he was. He was suddenly so over-emotional, he seemed so angry and aggressive all the time and there was never a day went by when he didn't throw the most epic of tantrums over the slightest thing.

I remember days where he'd tell us all that he hated us, I would go to bed crying some evenings over his behaviour and I felt completely at a loss as to what went wrong and what had happened to my little boy.

And then, just as suddenly as this downward spiral in his behaviour had started, it stopped. Just like that.

Now at 5 and a half, Tyne is a far more easy going child whose tantrums are (thankfully!) much rarer and reserved only for the more understandable of reasons. He rarely lashes out - physically or with his words - and he makes much more of an effort to be kinder to people, particularly his brothers.

He's been so much more accomodating of Noah's desire to play with him lately, and always comes up with a way to somehow incorporate a role for Noah to be Elsa or some other Princess type character in his role play games.

He loves having Noah joining in with him at tae kwon do class too, and last week told me he was pleased that Noah has joined as now they can "Team up!" against the rest of the class! He always makes sure Noah is sitting next to him at the class and puts his arm protectively around Noah's shoulder.

As for his relationship with Sailor, Tyne still dotes on him much like he always has - he's always keen to help calm Sailor down when he gets upset, and always tries to resolve any potential conflicts by offering to share his toys with him.

Sailor, of course, is just as reluctant a recipient of Tyne's cuddles and kisses as he's always been...I wonder if that will ever change!

So that's how my boys have been getting on lately! I can't wait to see how things change over the last quarter of the year but at the same time I'd love to be able to freeze this moment in time and keep them at these ages forever, they are so much fun!

A handful and a half....but definitely fun too!

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