Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Unusual Gift Ideas For Boys

As a mum to three boys and aunt to a nephew, I have to admit - I struggle much more when it comes to buying gifts for the males in my life than I do for the females!

When my nieces birthdays come around, my problem is only trying to narrow down the many choices open to me - I'm full of ideas for things I know they'd love, mostly things I remember enjoying in my own childhood. But for boys? I'm usually stumped!

This month it's my nephews birthday and I'm wracking my brains trying to think of what I can buy for him. I hate the thought of buying any old toy that's going to end up unused and unloved, shoved into some dark corner of a cupboard to be forgotten about. I'd rather buy something he'll enjoy and either get a lot of use out of...or something he'll remember!

My nephew isn't really one for playing with toys, and so I've been thinking of gift ideas that don't involve a physical item as such but rather an experience.

Here are some of the ones I've come up with, I hope they're helpful if you're looking for inspiration too!

1) A Zoo Pass

My nephew is a big animal lover, and what child doesn't love a day out at the zoo?! Our local zoo offers great value family annual passes and so to gift one of these would mean that he'd be able to enjoy plenty of visits throughout the year - something I'm sure he'd get much more enjoyment out of than a toy!

2) Something with Wheels!

There are a lot of things that play a role when it comes to choosing the best possible gift for your boys. It’s important to remember that boys will be boys, and getting them a gift they can really take advantage of is great. Make sure you think about how they can use a gift to cut loose, unwind, and enjoy being boys as a result. One of the best choices for a gift that you can give to your boys that will allow them to cut loose and enjoy the great outdoors is to give them something with wheels. Stunt Scooters and bicycles are great choices when it comes to giving your boys gifts on wheels that they can really make the most of right now. This is something that you need to think about when you are shopping around for the ultimate gift. 

3) A Gift from the Heart

Something else that would be great when buying gifts for your boys is to go for a gift from the heart. There are a lot of ideas you are going to have to keep in mind when it comes to finding the ultimate gift, and trying to get gifts that are more personal and meaningful for your son. A gift from the heart can come in many forms, and it might be something that your son has wanted for so long. It could be a gift that you have created that means something to you both. Personal gifts are often the most meaningful, and this is something you need to keep in mind. 

4) A Junior Driver Experience

What child wouldn't want the chance to drive an actual real life porsche, ferrari or even an Aston Martin?! Well Track Days gives you the chance to let them do just that with their fabulous Junior Driver Experiences!

Children between the ages of 11-17 can get behind the wheels of one of these amazing super cars and take it for a spin under the watchful eye of a qualified driving instructor. The experiences are super safe as most of the cars have dual controls or a kill switch fitted to bring it to a safe stop if need be, and of course these experiences are not about fast driving but rather about the experience of driving itself.

The experiences are available in various places across the country and they're much more reasonably priced than I would have first thought too, with lots coming in at under £70!

I can only imagine the look of sheer joy on their face when they step out of the car, surely a memory that will last a lifetime! I think this one would score me some serious Aunty points!

5) Theatre Tickets

Combining fun and education, a trip to the theatre is always a great experience and with so many fantastic childrens productions to choose from at our local theatre - my main problem is going to be narrowing down which tickets to buy! From The Scarecrows Wedding to Horrible Histories, there's always a theatre production coming up to suit every child's taste and it should make for a really memorable birthday gift.

6) A Hands-On Subscription Box Membership

I love the idea of buying something that's going to last for a while, and most subscription box services offer 3, 6 or even 12 month options when buying a subscription as a gift.

There's so much choice too - you could go for a craft subscription box, a science themed one or even a cookery themed box! I think any child would love to get a surprise package through their letterbox every month containing a fun activity to keep them occupied.

7) An Afternoon Out!

If none of the above tickles your fancy or you want a lower cost option, then how about treating the birthday boy to a day out - just the two of you.

I've done this with my nieces in the past and they've loved it - we've have afternoon tea out and spent an afternoon shopping, or having our nails painted at the spa. It's great for a bit of bonding one on one time. And there's no reason that boys wouldn't love this too!

I think my nephew would really enjoy a trip to the Maize maze, followed by a visit to the dessert parlour!

What are your gift suggestions for boys? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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