Friday, 19 October 2018

Movie Night With Fireman Sam: Set For Action!

There are a handful of cartoon characters that have been parts of our life ever since my oldest son, Tyne, was a tot.

Those favourite faces that they really take a shine to that they never really stop loving - I remember for me it was always Rainbow Brite, I loved her as a child and even as a grown up I'm still fond of her!

For my boys, one of those firm favourite characters is good old Fireman Sam.

The adventures of Pontypandy's number 1 firefighter are always a surefire hit with my boys, and they find Naughty Norman and the many scrapes he gets into just hilarious!

So imagine the excitement levels in our house when we were given the chance to have a first look at the BRAND NEW Fireman Sam movie, Set For Action.

We were very kindly sent a lovely parcel to help get the boys in the mood for the movie which included some super cute and absolutely delicious Fireman Sam biscuits from Biscuiteers!

We also had some fabulous Fireman Sam toys to play with too, including a super cool helmet with sound effects that Sailor took a real shine to and a cute Fireman Sam Cuddly which says a variety of phrases from the show.

The boys were delighted with their merchandise, and together with their new toys and biscuits, they excitedly settled down to watch the new movie.

I won't give too much away of course, but let's just say the movie sees Sam take on a very different role to the one we're used to after a clip of a brave rescue goes viral and he suddenly finds himself starring in a movie! But, as ever for poor old Sam, things don't quite go according to plan!

The movie features the voice of John Barrowman who is great as the villain of the tale, and I have to say - it was pretty entertaining even for the grown ups, which let's be honest...can't always be said for kids movies!

Set For Action was a huge hit with my boys, and they're already asking when they can watch it again! (Anyone elses' children like to re-watch movies several times over or is that just mine?!)

If you have a little Fireman Sam fan at home, then get the popcorn ready because Set For Action will be showing for the first time this Monday on Cartoonito.

It's one you won't want to miss!

Fireman Sam: Set For Action! will air on Cartoonito on 22nd October 2018 at 8am
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