Monday, 5 November 2018

6 Tips to Survive Moving House Quickly with Small Kids

Moving house isn’t much fun. You disassemble your life, squeeze it cardboard boxes and hope your buyer doesn’t back out at the last minute.

But, the stress-meter goes up even more when you have to move house quickly (maybe for a new job or school), and with small kids in tow.

Toddlers are masters at making everyday tasks take twenty times longer than they should.

And, it can be an emotional experience for young children. So, they also need your support to reassure them that it’s going to be okay.

But, if you want to avoid the stress of moving entirely, services such asWe Buy Any House’ can take the pressure off by managing contracts and costs on your behalf.

Otherwise, don’t panic, here are six tips to help you survive moving house quickly with small children.

#1 Ask for Help

If you have to move home fast, you’ll only have a limited time-frame to get everything done. Ask friends and family to help out as much as they can. Organise a few playdates or get relatives to take the kids out to the park or a local play centre. But, if your family isn’t based close-by, maybe pay for a local hotel so they can spend a few days helping you out.

#2 Involve the Kids

Toddlers love being helpful.

Give them a role in the move so they feel part of it. Create small fun tasks that they can do easily. For example, ask them to pick their favourite toys or ask them to put all the wooden spoons into a packing box. Or get them to draw and a decorate one of the moving boxes—maybe one for their special things.

And, what toddler can’t resist playing with bubble wrap?

But also, make a "safe area" where they can sit and play while you get on with your work.

#3 Talk About the Move

Moving house can be an emotional time especially for young children who like routine and familiarity. It’s important you explain what’s happening. Talk about the move. Ask them how they feel.

If they are getting bored, try to make it into an exciting adventure. For instance, show them pictures of the new house and describe funs things you’re going to do together once you move.

Lastly, designate a time for them to say goodbye rather than just whisking them off to the new home never to return.

#4 Stick to the Routine

The joy of consistent nap times and bedtimes means you have guaranteed childfree time—use it.

Make sure you stick to your regular schedule for meals, playtime and bedtime.

Keeping a consistent routine (when the rest of your home probably looks topsy-turvy) will help kids feel more secure. And, when you move into your new home it will help them adjust faster.

#5 Pack a Special Box

Put together a special moving box.  Label it ‘Kids: unpack within three days!’ and put all their favourite toys, blankets, clothes and snacks into it. This means they can have all their treasured and familiar items as soon as they move in, helping them settle more easily into a new space.

#6 Don’t Forget About You

Even if you’re in a rush still take regular breaks each day away from both the packing and the kids. Go for a nice walk, see a friend, or read a book. If you burn out in the moving process this will affect everyone. Looking after yourself is also a big priority.

But, if this sounds too stressful, you can use a company like House Buy Fast who will manage all the paperwork and contracts — leaving you free to move whenever you’re ready.

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