Thursday, 6 December 2018

5 Reasons That Online Counselling Might Be Right For You

As someone who has suffered with a myriad of mental health problems over the last 15 years or so, I have been through my fair share of therapy and counselling experiences.

From traditional talking therapy with a private counsellor, to CBT, EMDR trauma therapy and even hypnotherapy - I've tried many different approaches over the years and each of them has been beneficial in their own unique ways.

However one form of therapy I have yet to try is online counseling.

After having my most recent trauma therapy sessions stopped slightly too soon, I have been feeling like I'm struggling a little more lately and in recent weeks my mind has turned back to the possibility of trying some sort of regular counseling again.

I first heard about online counseling during a chat with a behavioural therapist at an event I recently attended and it really piqued my interest - she told me that many of her clients are, interestingly, largely bloggers and social media influencers who find their their work schedules and lifestyles don't fit well with traditional office hour therapists.

I also find that the mix of my work schedule, home educating my children and my other commitments make it difficult for me to commit to regular day time sessions so perhaps online counseling could be the answer?

There are many reasons why online counseling may be the ideal solution for people, here are just some of the pros.

1) Convenience

For those with tricky work schedules, trouble with finding childcare or with disabilities or travel-related issues which may make it difficult to leave the house - online counselling can be the perfect answer, providing ease of access to professional counsellors from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

2) Use Of Technology

There are many options available when it comes to engaging with counsellors online - emails, text chats, web chats or even video calls if you prefer a face-to-face situation. Thanks to modern technology, the options are plentiful and there's bound to be something to suit everybody.

3) Privacy

Although seeking therapy is never something to be ashamed of, for some people it can be a sensitive issue and one that they may prefer to keep private for a number of reasons. Going in to a therapists office in the centre of your home town may feel too open for some people, and so having the option of seeking therapy online allows far more discretion.

4) Less anxiety inducing

I know that the main thing that kept me from seeking therapy earlier was my social anxiety. The thought of sitting down with a complete stranger and having a conversation of any sort was too much for me for a long time, so the option of interacting with a counsellor via web chat or email would have felt much more comfortable for me.

5) Cost

Due to the fact that counsellors working online can work from their own homes without the need to pay for office space and the overheads that go along with it, the prices they charge can often be significantly lower than for traditional therapy sessions.

Have you or would you consider online counselling? I'd love to hear your experiences.

*Written in collaboration with BetterHelp

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