Thursday, 24 January 2019

5 Good Reasons To Try Couples Therapy

It's no secret that keeping a relationship healthy takes work from both parties.

And while there seems to be a common misconception that only relationships in crisis need invest in therapy, there are actually a whole host of benefits to couples therapy which are applicable to everybody.

Here are my top 5 reasons for considering couples therapy.

1) Communication

Communication is the corner stone of all good relationships, and although we'd all like to think that our communication skills need no improvement - sometimes the day-to-day responsibilities of life can make it difficult to find the time to set aside for real in depth discussions.

It's so important in a relationship to make sure that each party feels heard and understood, and so employing the services of a third party to help ensure that happens can only be a positive thing. Therapists can also help couples to understand their communication style and any potential short comings which can then be worked on.

2) Assistance with managing other relationships

It's easy to think that the only people who matter or have an impact on a relationship are the people directly involved in it, but more often than not relatives and close friends can become a sticking point and it can be difficult to address these sorts of problems when they arise without offending or upsetting somebody.

The addition of a third party person with no particular loyalties such as a therapist would make it much easier to discuss keeping healthy boundaries in these relationships.

3) Outside perspective

In all relationships there will inevitably be moments of conflict, and when these situations arise it can be very useful to have a therapist to offer an outside perspective on the situation and help you to navigate through the issue in an environment where all parties feel heard, understood and valued.

4) Taking time to reconnect in a digital age

It's undoubtedly true that the presence of social media and technology in our lives has hindered our ability to know when to switch off.

Having a set time on a regular basis to step away from technology, and reconnect with your partner during a set amount of time to solely focus on your relationship would be a huge positive.

5) Assistance with discussing delicate topics

Over the course of a relationship, there will often be issues that crop up which some people may find difficult, embarrassing or anxiety inducing to discuss.

These can be things such as sexual issues, infidelity, temptations, or financial worries along with a whole host of other things.

The option to discuss such matters in a controlled and guided environment with the assistance of a communication expert such as a couples therapist would be hugely beneficial in circumstances such as these.

These are just a handful of the many reasons that one may opt for couples counselling. Is this something you would consider yourself? Do you have any past experience of couples therapy?

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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