Tuesday, 15 January 2019

How to Throw a Great Kids Birthday Party on a Budget

With Instagram, Pinterest and our fellow mummy bloggers highlighting gorgeous, over-the-top parties being thrown for children, seeing such examples can certainly make us green with envy. But, throwing a huge bash for our little ones each year can cost a small fortune, particularly where we have more than one child to celebrate for.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is entirely possible to throw a memorable bash on the cheap, as long as you plan ahead, get creative and discover the best ways to make savings.
Read more to understand my tips on how to throw an amazing birthday party for your kids without having to break the bank!

Pick a free location

When it comes to hosting events, the place where you hold your party can take up a huge bulk of the budget, which is why savvy parents opt for free or relatively cheap locations. At the end of the day, young children aren’t fussed over the location of their party, as long as they are with friends and family, playing games and having fun. Your back garden or even a cheap local youth centre is just as good as anywhere else and will majorly cut costs.

Get crafty

This is where our creative skills come into play, and parents can save a fair amount of money by carrying out the majority of the leg work themselves. Decorations, invitations and games can all be made inexpensively at home and gives you the chance to get really imaginative. If your kids are old enough, you can also recruit them to help, giving you the chance to have fun together and bond as a family.

For the budding bakers amongst us, making your own birthday cake can also seriously lower costs and will add a nice personal touch to the occasion. Let’s face it though, not all of us are Mary Berry in the kitchen, which is why some might prefer to use a trusted service like Beverly Hills Bakery, which offers affordable, personalised cupcake delivery in London and across the UK – perfect for kids’ birthday parties!

Timing is key

Choosing the right time of day to host your child’s birthday party can also save you a bit of cash on food supplies. If a lunch-time or evening party is held, it is customary to provide meals for party-goers. On the other hand, if you pick mid-afternoon or mid-morning for your bash, then inexpensive snacks and refreshments, such as crisps, dips and sausage rolls, should suffice.

Always be on the look-out for deals

Collecting and keeping birthday supplies throughout the year means you’re better prepared and able to snag the best deals. For instance, if you know your child is obsessed with Spider-Man and you happen to come across some sale items that’d be great for their birthday party down the line, then purchase them while you’ve got the chance.

Likewise, re-using supplies from past birthdays is a cost-effective and sustainable measure which I certainly recommend, especially if you’ve got kids who are fond of the same colours, characters and themes!

Pair up

Perhaps your child’s birthday falls at a similar time to a family member or close friend? In which case, there is nothing wrong with doubling up and splitting costs via a joint birthday party. This also teaches young children the importance of sharing early on, which will certainly be of value to them as they grow up.

Do you have any other budget-friendly kids’ birthday party suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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