Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Our Christmas 2018

I realise that now the New Year is upon us, it probably seems a bit late to be talking about Christmas but the truth is - the very last thing on my mind over the festive period (Which, to me at least, begins on December 1st and ends - reluctantly! - on January 2nd!) is keeping my blog updated!

But yet I know that I will want to look back on our Christmas memories over the years - I've recorded our memories of all our Christmases since Tyne was born on here, and I don't want to stop now - so you'll just have to excuse me!

This year I made a promise to myself to ease off a little on the Christmas festivities that I usually fill our December with. After a recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I'm trying to learn to pace myself more and not do quite so much running about here, there and everywhere - plus I know from previous years that I have a tendency to get over excited with booking in tons for us to do and it usually ends up meaning the boys are exhausted and half the time, they'd rather have PJ days at home than be dragged out to some Christmas-themed shenanigans!

Unfortunately...I don't learn lessons easily, and although I did TRY to reign myself in - I still came away from December feeling that I'd still overdone the days out. Maybe next year I'll get the balance right?!

We started the month off with a festive day in Exeter city centre including our first visit to Father Christmas at Princesshay grotto - this was something we were invited to rather than something I booked, as personally I'd always prefer the boys to only see Santa once but somehow it never quite works out that way! We had a lovely day though, and the grotto was really nice.

We also had a visit to the Christmas market which I'm usually a big fan of - I wasn't really feeling it this year though, the crowds put me off a bit - or perhaps it was more the pulling 3 small children around a crowded market and trying not to lose anybody! 

Halfway through December we had our planned visit to Father Christmas, which I'd booked way back in September to secure our spot as it always sells out early! 
 We always go to Otter Nurseries in Ottery St Mary and we love it there - this year it was much the same as last year but still lovely, and the boys were delighted when Santa knew their friends names and some other little things about their lives - magical!

We also enjoyed a lovely afternoon out at Crealy's Christmas Spectacular, where we watched a festive ice show, met Santa for a third time and went on some rides too.

Then there was the Christmas parties - a home ed party where we had a little Christmas talent show that the boys all took part in, and our own annual Christmas Eve Eve party with the family.

Noah & Sailor also went to a lovely Princess ball at a local hotel which they absolutely loved!

And finally, there was our annual trip on the Polar Express (or The Train To Christmas Town as its now called!) - the boys enjoyed it, but I wasn't as much of a fan this year...I think maybe its time to switch it up and try something else next year as I think Dartmoor Railway's version has lost its sparkle a bit so perhaps next year we'll give Seaton Tramways version a go!

After all of the festivities of December, Christmas Eve was finally upon us. I think Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year - there's so much excitement, and so much still to look forward to.

The boys opened their Christmas Eve boxes in the morning, and got stuck in to their activities - we watched some Christmas movies together, and then later on in the day we had a surprise visit from Elsa & Anna who popped in on their way to Arundel to say hello just like last year!

After their visit we headed to Church for the Christingle service which is our Christmas eve tradition, and then it was home for Snowman soup and a bedtime story (Twas The Night Before Christmas, same one every year!) before sprinkling our reindeer food, leaving out cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, and heading up to bed!

The next day passed by in a blur of present opening, and we headed over to my parents hotel for the afternoon where there was more present opening and Christmas dinner.

Boxing Day was another lovely mellow day where we stayed at home in our PJs all day, had our own belated Christmas dinner and chilled out. 

All in all, Christmas 2018 was lovely although it was over with far too quickly.

Having said that - there ARE some changes I want to make to our Christmases starting next year, which I'll chat about more in a post later this week!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, however you spent it!

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