Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Planning A Rainbow-Themed Bedroom Makeover

It's no secret that sleep has always been an issue in our house.

Even as I write this post, its 11:30 pm and my children have only just gone quiet in their bedrooms after 4 long hours of shenanigans and tantrums since they were put into bed at 7.30.

My 3 boys have never been fans of bedtime, and over the last few months - things have gone from bad to worse! Ever since Christmas, my 2 year old son Sailor has absolutely refused to sleep in his own bedroom...instead preferring to climb into bed with his 3 year old brother Noah every night to sleep.

At first I let this happen because, well...it was easier! They settled down to sleep relatively quickly, and it beat having Sailor crying for hours when we tried to return him to his own bedroom. But now...it's not working anymore!

Having the 3 boys in one bedroom is making bedtimes far too chaotic, as the three of them have started to see bedtime as a chance to play for hours together instead of settle down to sleep. And so, we've decided it's time to make a change!

Tyne & Sailor are the least troublesome at bedtime on the whole, and we feel that if they were to share a room they'd probably be quite sensible - whereas Noah is the one who tends to rile things up!

So we thought the best thing to do was put Noah into a bedroom of his own. He used to have his own bedroom before Sailor was born and he slept really well, so we're clinging to the hope that having him on his own once again will help things.

Of course, we don't want to make this seem like a punishment so we asked Noah to choose a theme for his new "Big Boy Bedroom" and he's been so excited to browse through Pinterest and home decor one-stop inspiration sites such as www.lionshome.co.uk with me for ideas and inspiration.

He's finally decided on a rainbow theme for his new bedroom, and so over the course of the next few weeks we're going to be transforming Sailor's old nursery into a rainbow themed haven that will - hopefully - calm our little wildchild and encourage him to sleep soundly at night!

I've been frantically browsing online for ideas and have come across some great finds, such as this bed on Lionshome and I love the idea of storing Noah's dress up collection in his bedroom too.

I've also come across lots of beautiful rainbow themed prints for his walls too, but I think I'll be choosing the more cost-effective option of designing my own on Picmonkey to print out and frame.

I also love the idea of getting hands-on and crafty with this makeover too - making pom pom garlands, button art and using colourful drawer knobs to add little finishing rainbow touches here and there. Pinterest has given me so many great ideas that won't break the bank!

I'm really looking forward to doing this bedroom makeover, and I'm so hopeful that maybe...just maybe it will be the answer to all of our bedtime woes!

One thing is for sure, it can't make them much worse!

Have you had trouble at bedtime with little ones just wanting to play with their siblings all night? How do you manage it? I'd love to hear your tips!

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